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article imageOp-Ed: Mumia — more lies, from beyond the grave

By Alexander Baron     Oct 8, 2011 in Crime
Baltimore - The sister of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal has died; a hip hop website has reported both her death and her lies from beyond the grave.
One of the great advantages of telling only the truth is that you don't have to remember different versions of what happened, or didn't happen in this case. People who tell different versions to different people or whose lies are easily exposed by public domain documents tend to look foolish, but enough of Gerry Gable.
On September 28, Lydia Barashango died at Baltimore, the city made infamous by Randy Newman and famous by...hmm, best past on that one. According to the hip hop website that reported her death, Mrs Barashango was “the older sister of renowned Black Panther journalist and political P.O.W., Mumia Abu Jamal” and made her transition onto “the ancestral realm” this past Wednesday.
According to this august website, Mrs Barashango was a true believer in her brother's innocence; while sibling loyalty is admirable, there is a big difference between supporting one's kin and endorsing many times proven lies.
She is said to have visited her brother the day after the shooting of Officer Daniel Faulkner, and found him lying in his hospital bed “beaten and 'brutalized' so badly by the pigs that his facial features were disfigured and swollen beyond recognition”.
Apparently, these pigs walk on two legs and carry guns, but did they beat their charge so badly that his face was unrecognisable? Judge for yourself. About half-way down this webpage is a photograph of the great man in his hospital bed. Considering he had just taken a bullet in the chest and is around 30 years younger than the man whose photograph graces the article Mumia Abu Jamal's Sister Passes, that is not a bad resemblance.
It is difficult to count the number of lies that appear on the older page - many of them ludicrous - but for documentation rather than innuendo and flim-flam, the reader is referred to these two earlier articles about the patron saint of cop-killers here and here, while for those with time on their hands and a desire to get an education, the Daniel Faulkner website contains in-depth rebuttals as well as scanned trial transcripts.
The hip hop site also contains a failed prophesy:
“At a 1999 Philadelphia City Hall mass demonstration, with over 10,000 Mumia supporters, she addressed the crowd, 'This rally takes our struggle to a whole new level. We aren't playing anymore! We are demanding a new trial!'”
Twelve years on, the only new level that has materialised is one of deceit. In a report filed from Paris, yesterday, the trial of Mumia Abu-Jamal is said to have been marked by “irregularities and racism”, and that like that other cop killer, Troy Davis, he is to be subjected to judicial murder without someone's heroic intervention.
There is a subtle irony here; Mumia was sentenced to death in the North East while Troy Davis was sentenced to death and executed in the Deep South, the latter of which we are often reminded is one of the last remaining bastions of white racial bigotry, yet the word racism is seldom heard in connection with the case of Troy Davis, and for a simple reason, seven of the jurors who sentenced him to death were black. Regardless of this, and regardless of whether or not it is humane to keep a man on death row for twenty or even thirty years, there is absolutely no uncertainty over the soundness of St Mumia's conviction, only a massive PR campaign that has duped almost every black “radical” in America and every white liberal in both the USA and elsewhere.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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