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article imageNATO to continue bombing Libya

By Katerina Nikolas     Oct 6, 2011 in World
NATO ministers and partners met today in Brussels to discuss their ongoing involvement in Libya. Despite the predictions from U.S. Army General Carter Ham that NATO would cease their involvement from today, NATO has committed to continuing action.
U.S. Army Gen. Carter Ham was confident enough at the weekend to announce he expected NATO’s involvement in Libya to cease following today’s meeting of NATO members and partners in Brussels. The General was too quick to jump the gun though, as NATO has now issued a press release stating that their mission is not yet over.
The secretary general announced following the meeting “It is clear that the end is in sight. Qadhafi forces are fighting for a lost cause. The threat to civilians is fading away. The recent positive developments in Libya are irreversible.” This extraordinary announcement takes no account of the perilous situation many thousands of civilians are caught up in Sirte, lacking the means to escape the city. Fleeing residents have spoken clearly of their homes being destroyed by NATO bombs which have also resulted in civilian deaths.
The threat to civilians is increasing as Mistratan fighters eagerly seek vengeance on pro-Gaddafi loyalists as their looting and burning in the pro-Gaddafi enclave of Abu Hadi demonstrates. National Transitional Council fighters from eastern Libya have admitted they fear for civilians if Mistratan fighters reach the centre of Sirte before eastern fighters, who are attempting to contain the actions of those determined to mete to out punishment.
Ensuring there can be no possible doubt that NATO is expressly taking sides in a civil war, their press release reads “not all of Libya’s population is yet safe from attack by Qadhafi forces.” Thus NATO will continue to unleash bombs upon the civilian population of Sirte to save them from the Gaddafi forces that are fighting on, not only to fight for Gaddafi but to prevent those deemed to be pro-Gaddafi from suffering the consequences. Civilians fleeing Tawergha have made their own plight known to the residents of Sirte.
NATO ministers also recommitted to supporting the NTC despite factions and infighting jeopardizing the likelihood of any coherent, representative government forming. NTC leaders have already demonstrated a lack of control over their fighters. The Washington Post reports residents in Tripoli are demanding eastern fighters head back to Benghazi. Despite former Libyan Islamic Fighting Group founder Abdel Hakim Belhadj holding the position of military commander of Tripoli his position is objected to by fighters in Tripoli who have formed a rival command position.
Civil war has brought desperate divisions between the Libyan population which will not be easily mended. Without the support of NATO the rebellion would not have progressed and destroyed so many lives. Those caught up in Sirte didn’t even want a change of regime but will now suffer the consequences, providing they survive further NATO bombs, rebel shelling and vengeance which some of the NTC fighters are determined to take.
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