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article imageOp-Ed: NFL - Favre still throwing picks

By John Bichler     Oct 6, 2011 in Sports
Brett Favre is not happy to go away and unable to say anything good about a guy that plays the quarterback position better than he ever did.
Brett Favre knew Aaron Rodger was going to be good, or so he claimed on a radio show on Tuesday.
Packers fans are mad at Favre for his comments. But why are they mad? Because Aaron Rodgers doesn't seem that upset by Favre's comments.
Brett Favre was exciting to watch, because you never knew what team he was going to throw the ball to on any given play.
At times, mostly regular season games, Favre looked like Superman, and in the big games he still looked like Superman but in those games he treated the football like it was kryptonite and he needed to just get rid of it before it zapped his powers to text young women pictures of himself.
Brett Favre, if he could be any fictional character, would probably would be Iago. He would be a great villain, because at times he seemed like a likeable guy and he was on your side, but in the end, his motivations weren't pure and he paid for it dearly with his career ending the way it did. He stabbed his head coach in the back with his play, and in the end he had to watch his old team win the Super Bowl. Plus, he will never get to hold another Super Bowl trophy, at least, not as a player. And just like Iago his plans didn't work, because it was a woman that told the truth about the once mighty Favre.
Packer fans can get upset with Favre for his comments, but in the end his comments are just comments, and they don't mean anything when it comes to the current success of the Green Bay Packers. His comments won't cause Aaron Rodgers to suddenly become depressed and maybe think about retiring every spring for the next ten years, and they won't cause Aaron Rodgers to start throwing the ball to the other team. Favre's comments in the end, like 336 of his passes landed in the hands of someone else, the media this time, and in their world they ran back for a touchdown. I believe they are still doing their touchdown dance.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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