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Wife who killed and cooked husband denied parole

By Katerina Nikolas     Oct 6, 2011 in World
Chowchilla - Orange County parole commissioners have denied parole to Egyptian born Omaima Nelson, convicted of killing her husband in 1991. Nelson not only killed William Nelson but decaptiated, dismemebered and cooked his body.
A woman who argued she killed her husband of three weeks in self-defence, has been denied parole, despite claiming she is a changed woman to the one that committed the crime in 1991. Egyptian born former model Omainma Nelson, 43, is serving a life sentence at the Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla. However her crime wasn’t the typical run of the mill everyday murder; after killing William Nelson she decapitated, dismembered, and cooked his body.
Nelson appealed to the parole board to believe she had changed from the 23-year old who took the life of her 56-year-old husband. She said Nelson only revealed his violent side following their marriage and told the parole commission “If I didn't defend my life, I would have been dead. I'm sorry it happened, but I'm glad I lived.” She expressed remorse by adding "I'm sorry I dismembered him” the LA Times reported.Nelson emphatically denied eating her husband, saying "I swear to God I did not eat any part of him. I am not a monster.” She was unable to explain why she he felt it necessary to cook him, or why she dressed up in red shoes, a red hat and red lipstick before engaging in her culinary endeavours.
Orange County Prosecutor Randy Pawloski, responsible for Nelson’s conviction, argued against her parole. He described some of the things which Nelson had done to the 230 pound body of her husband. According to ABC News these included frying his hands, boiling his head and churning body parts through the garbage disposal. Nelson claims she went into a trance following the killing and only recalls cutting off the penis and ring finger of her deceased husband.
Nelson argued that the fact she had since married whilst in prison and enjoyed three day conjugal visits with her new husband, who was in his 70’s but is now also deceased, without him coming to any harm, was evidence of how much she had changed.
Emirates 247 report that Nelson’s many infringements of prison rules were also brought up by parole commissioners during the hearing. She was guilty of fighting, battering prison staff , stealing and hiding contraband. Nelson also had a criminal history prior to cooking her husband.
Parole was denied and Nelson will continue to serve her 25 years to life sentence.
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