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article imageApple reveals new AppleCare+ for accidental damage

By Stephanie Medeiros     Oct 5, 2011 in Technology
Besides news of the iPhone 4S and iOS 5, Apple also rolled out a new AppleCare plan which covers those accidental damages.
When purchasing an iPhone, customers are given the option of an extended warranty called AppleCare, which covers most troubleshooting problems an Apple customer might face. Customers can call technical support or go to an Apple store to fix most problems with their iPhone, which can be cheaper than replacing it completely. However, one major thing AppleCare does not cover is "accidental damage," such as water damage.
With the new AppleCare+, priced at $99 instead of the usual $69, customers who purchase an iPhone can rest assured that water damage or any other physical damage will be covered, reports Mashable.
There's a catch, though: iPhone owners only get two incidents where accidental damage can be cited as the problem and get the iPhone replaced or fixed. There will also be an added $49 service fee for each incident.
There is still the 90 days of free telephone technical support to look forward to, and one year of free hardware repair, which all iPhone's come with. AppleCare+ extends the warranty by two years on top of the two accidental incidents service. The warranty also extends to all original accessories for the iPhone, such as earbuds or USB cords.
Unfortunately, current iPhone owners can't benefit from AppleCare+, the plan must be purchased with a new iPhone, as Mashable points out, so it will overlap with the iPhone's one-year warranty. Apple points out on their website that AppleCare+ is available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and the up-coming iPhone 4S.
Customers still have the option of buying regular AppleCare, as cited on Apple's website, which is still priced at $69 if AppleCare+ doesn't seem all that tantalizing.
Meanwhile, Apple is prepping for the launch of their updated iPhone 4S, iOS 5, and iCloud service, which was received with mixed feelings at Tuesday's keynote presentation.
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