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article imageHulu launches new 'Ad Swap' that lets you choose the ad you watch

By Andrew Moran     Oct 4, 2011 in Business
Los Angeles - Hulu, the video on demand website, is now putting you in control of online advertising. The NBC-Fox-Disney-ABC-owned company introduced "ad swap" a feature that lets you choose the commercial you want to watch.
As the second-round bids continue for the video streaming website Hulu, the service introduced “Ad Swap” Tuesday. This latest interactive feature will give users the opportunity to choose what advertisement they would like to view during the course of a television show or motion picture.
Ad Swap is a new technique that will help improve the ad-viewing experience for users and also helping brands and companies improve their ad targeting.
How does it work? When a commercial break begins, a Hulu Ad Swap button appears. The user has three choices customized to the individual. The viewer clicks, for example, an advertisement that features the Amazon Kindle and then the entire commercial plays.
However, Hulu has noted that not everyone will take advantage of the function.
“Going forward, we are not expecting all Hulu users to swap ads every time they are offered the option to swap,” said Bryon Schaefer, Director of Research and Sales Strategy, in a Hulu blog post. “The power behind Hulu Ad Swap is that a user has maximum control over their ad experience, and can swap their ad if they choose to do so.”
“Hulu Ad Swap is the next evolution in user choice and control — an ad innovation designed to dramatically improve the advertising experience for users and results for brands,” said JP Colaco, Senior Vice President of Advertising, in a Hulu blog post. “Hulu Ad Swap puts complete control in the hands of the user by enabling them to instantly swap out of an ad they are watching for one that is more relevant.”
Hulu has also added a “win-win scenario” for advertisers. The advertiser’s commercial that was originally listed as a choice to play but was not chosen will not be charged for that impression.
Will this feature help in the quest to sell Hulu?
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