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article imageOccupy L.A. organizes in support of Occupy Wall Street Special

By Kevin Fitzgerald     Oct 3, 2011 in Politics
Los Angeles - A demonstration in Los Angeles has been organized to join New York in solidarity to protest corporate greed and plutocracy. A growing number of protesters are joining the cause.
Hundreds of demonstrators set up camp over the weekend outside the Los Angeles City Hall Building. They plan to remain in place until changes have been made to a system deemed as unethical. Groups of protesters took turns marching up and down 1st Street to bring further attention to the demonstration. People of various ethnic, economic, and social backgrounds have joined in unity to bring attention to this cause.
A common slogan that has been used during this protest is, "We are the 99%." This figure represents the 99% of Americans who don't benefit from the current economic system. They estimate that only a meager 1% of the American population benefits from the system, leaving the overwhelming majority to struggle financially.
Decorative signs and musical entertainment adorn the atmosphere of the demonstration grounds. A positive morale has so far remained in effect for the people who have chosen to remain at the site.
One of the signs displayed at the Occupy L.A. protest.
One of the signs displayed at the Occupy L.A. protest.
Another sign at the Occupy L.A. protest
Another sign at the Occupy L.A. protest
The day s schedule for Sunday  October 2nd.
The day's schedule for Sunday, October 2nd.
Surprisingly, no arrests have yet been made. This is in sharp contrast to the hundreds of arrests that have taken place during the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York City. Demonstrators in L.A. have emphasized the idea of remaining peaceful in their activities, though they remain steadfast in their desire to bring forth change to the corrupt economic system they feel has governed American society.
So far, police have not made a real attempt to clear the protesters from their gathering spot. According to the Occupy L.A. website, police had initially issued a notice for all protesters to clear the lawn area in front of the City Hall Building by 10:30 Saturday night, but this ordinance was never enforced. The Los Angeles Times notes that protesters will be allowed to camp out Sunday night as long as the demonstration does not become an unlawful assembly.
Earlier on Sunday, protesters took to the L.A. metro to spread their message and recruit others to join the cause. Apparently, it was during this outing that one of the protesters thanked the LAPD for remaining respectful to the protesters. This gesture of goodwill did not sit too well with some of the other protesters in the group who felt that this particular protester may have been too cooperative with the police. A speaker later addressed the crowd at the demonstration site and reminded everyone that this protest is not against the police.
Other cities, such as Seattle and Chicago, have also started organizing similar demonstrations. People across the nation are eager to get their voices heard in support of this cause.
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