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article imageOp-Ed: Sony Tablet S a strong competitor to Apple's iPad 2 Special

By David Silverberg     Sep 29, 2011 in Technology
Sony's jump into the tablet PC market is an odd one, due to a uniquely shaped Tablet S Android sure to stand out on the shelf. But the form factor is one of the main reasons it can stand up to the iPad 2 and other top slates.
When you first hold Sony's Tablet S , you notice a strange bulkiness on the top. Slightly chubby, the back of the Tablet S resembles a magazine that's been folded, so much so the tablet is a bit weightier at the fattened part. While it takes getting used to, the Tablet S's design is great for people who want a better grip on their tablet. For hardcore e-book readers, the chubbiness will be comfortable because it resembles the spine of a paperback.
For gaming and surfing the Web, this raised design doesn't interfere at all. It just might be jarring at first for tablet users accustomed to iPad's flat back.
The design isn't the only big win for the S. Sony loaded it with a fast processor, the powerful NVIDIA Tegra2, and all media - such as watching videos - flowed smoothly. The 9.4-inch screen was sharp and clear, and could be just as stunning as any tablet on the market.
For many users, the big appeal will be the S's Remote Control feature. Working with Sony products and other manufacturers, the S can double as a remote for, say, TVs or home stereo systems and even the PlayStation 3. We didn't have products adaptable to the Remote feature, but we can see this becoming attractive for people overwhelmed by too much media in their home.
We really liked the camera available on the S. While the company and other experts couldn't determine its megapixel count, the camera produced excellent photos (photo 2) (photo 3) trumping anything Apple has produced. The video quality is also top-notch and works well in low light situations.
Toronto: St James Anglican Cathedral. This is an uncompressed sample photo taken with Sony Tablet S
Toronto: St James Anglican Cathedral. This is an uncompressed sample photo taken with Sony Tablet S
The S uses the Android Honeycomb OS and as with many Android tablets available, I had no issues with accessing any of the apps or finding what I was looking for. A dock on the top left hand side can be customized with any quick launch app available. Nothing looked clunky or out-of-place.
Thing is, the S may be pricey to some consumers, and its Canadian MSRP of $499.99 for the 16 GB model and up to $599.99 for a 32 GB version could turn off some tablet fans. After all, Amazon announced its $199 Kindle Fire and won headlines for pricing its debut tablet smartly.
But if any tablet could go up against Apple's awesome iPad 2, it's Sony's Tablet S. We'l just have to wait whether consumers en masse agree with that assessment.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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