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article imageHow magic mushrooms can improve your personality

By Owen Weldon     Sep 29, 2011 in World
Scientists have been working with an active ingredient that is found in magic mushrooms, hallucinogen psilocybin, and they found that psilocybin caused positive changes in peoples’ personalities.
Scientists discovered that a single dose of the drug had a positive impact on 60 percent of patients’ personalities.
USA Today says that the research and tests involved a small group of people and the testing was done in a very strict clinical environment. Scientists conducting the research found that one single dose of psilocybin was enough to boost a person’s openness. Scientists also found that the shift in personality lasted for about a year, sometimes even longer than that.
Roland R. Griffiths is a study author and he said that the finding is amazing. He said that this is amazing because personality is considered to be immutable for the most part and is also considered a stable characteristic of the psychology of people.
The study consisted of 51 adults and 60 percent of the participants experienced long lasting personality changes.
The people became more open-minded in terms of abstract ideas, aesthetics, imagination and broadmindedness.
However, according to CBS there were some participants who reported fear and anxiety as a result of taking the drug. Nobody reported any long lasting negative effects.
Many of the participants said that they took part in mediation, prayer or religious services on a regular basis. However, it is not known if the drug is beneficial for those who are not as spiritually active.
Psilocybin is classified as an illegal drug, Schedule I substance, right along with LSD and heroin.
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