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article imageOp-Ed: 9/11 Truth – another loony has his say

By Alexander Baron     Sep 26, 2011 in World
Englishman Michael Adams is one of the world’s strongest chess players; his American namesake is a grandmaster of self-deception.
Okay, let’s not tar every 9/11 Truther with the same brush; in his article about the jumping rope, Michael Adams - Mike to you - has written a lot of introductory flim-flam, and says point blank that (in his opinion) Americans are dumb. Right, so what does he believe happened on that fateful day ten years ago?
Point 1) 9/11 was an inside job – we got that much.
Point 2) Building 7 was brought down by demolition charges.
Point 3) In his own words: “the fairytale that there were no black boxes recovered from any of the planes that crashed that day. Or that one terrorist’s passport was blown out of the explosion and landed on the sidewalk unscathed. Or that a man on one of the planes called someone with his cell phone from 31,000 feet and reported the plane was under attack by terrorists with box cutters. In 2001, airplanes had no cell phone service, duh!” – okay, he believes that some physical evidence was suppressed, that another piece of evidence was planted, and that the cellphone (mobile phone) calls from Flight 93 were faked.
Point 4) “Abandoning science in order to stay politically correct” – the government and its experts ignored the laws of physics in order to blame those wicked Moslems.
Point 5) “The BBC, in a live news broadcast, reported the collapse of WTC 7 20 minutes before it happened! ...This clearly and obviously indicates prior knowledge that the building was about to be brought down” – the BBC was in on the plot.
He writes more, but that is more than enough to see where he is coming from.
Point 1) is a generic charge, so we will ignore it and concentrate on the other 4; if points 2), 3) and 5) can be shown to be false, that will weaken his case significantly, so, to point 2).
Building 7, the third building to come down on that fateful day was located approximately 120 yards from the Twin Towers. It was hit with a lot of debris, and fires were started inside it. There was of course a sprinkler system, but this failed to work because the mains pipe was fractured. This is not unreasonable. The Twin Towers were 110 storeys high, and they collapsed completely; this devastation is almost impossible to comprehend, alas you can not only comprehend it, but view it; check out some of the videos of the collapse on YouTube and other video sites. This is a short extract (just over 6 minutes) from a semi-official video. Anyone watching this should ask why it is necessary to even postulate the claim that the Twin Towers were not only bombed by planes but subjected to controlled demolition.
Mr Adams makes this controlled demolition charge about Building 7, but he seems to be forgetting that this building was left to burn for seven hours, New York’s firefighters having more important priorities, and of course, over 300 of them died on that fateful day.
The fires raged throughout the centre of the building, and in the end, the empty shell collapsed like a house of cards. The controlled demolition claim of this building raises several questions. Such as, why would it have been necessary to blow up a building that had been left to burn for so long? More to the point, who was involved? The finger has been pointed, obviously, at the owner, Larry Silverstein. In September 2001, Mr Silverstein was seventy years old, which indicates that of necessity if this were an act of “Jewish lightning” or if he agreed to demolish the building at the behest of George W. Bush or who knows who, others must have been involved.
The logistics of this postulated controlled demolition remain a mystery, as do the identities of those who planted the charges. And where were they when the charges went up and the building came down?
Again, there are lot of videos of controlled demolitions to be found on YouTube; the reader should compare them, and like the 9/11 Truthers from the UK who were taken to the US to see the facts for themselves, ask if this was indeed the case.
Point 3) Black boxes, cellphones and the passport. Mr Adams alludes to “the fairytale that there were no black boxes recovered from any of the planes that crashed that day”. That is indeed a fairy tale, but it is not a government one. Below is what is left of the black box from American Airlines Flight 77, the plane that hit the Pentagon. Do these pillocks ever do any meaningful research at all?
The black box from American Airlines Flight 73 that hit the Pentagon that fateful day. A photograph ...
The black box from American Airlines Flight 73 that hit the Pentagon that fateful day. A photograph released by the FBI.
The passport, oh yes, that must have been planted, after all, how could it have survived?
Let’s do a little thought experiment; you go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, or as far up it as the public are allowed; here’s a nice picture of how it might look.
A view from the Eiffel Tower  photograph taken by Alexander Baron in June 1992.
A view from the Eiffel Tower, photograph taken by Alexander Baron in June 1992.
On the way up you’ve been drinking milkshake from a carton, and when you reach the observation gallery, you throw the empty carton off the top and watch it sail down. Half an hour later, as the gendarmes are leading you away in handcuffs, you are hustled by the crime scene where the pristine carton is lying on the ground. Wow, you think, it’s undamaged.
The next morning you appear before le magistrate, who fortunately for you is extremely Anglophile.
“Monsieur”, ’e says - his English isn’t that good, but it’s a lot better than your French – “you cannot do such zings; you must not act like ze Englishman ’oo ’as gone out too much in ze midday sun”, as ’e laughs at ’is own joke, a reference to ze famous song by Noël Coward. He fines you one Franc, and you are released to continue your holiday.
Inadvisedly, you return to the Eiffel Tower the next day, but this time you take your pet elephant with you. It was hell getting it through customs, never mind on that Jumbo Jet; it’s a good thing you didn't have to pack its trunk. At the top of le tower you have a moment of madness. The magistrate’s reference to one classic song has made you think of another: When I See An Elephant Fly. He he, it would be something, wouldn’t it? Before you can stop yourself, you push Dumbo over the guard rail.
Fortunately, as with the milkshake carton, it doesn’t land on anyone below. This time, as the gendarmes cart you away, stern-faced, you look around to see where it has landed. Ah, there it is, over there. And over there. And over there...
Anyone who has ever seen a bomb explode in an office, in one of those James Bond films or similar thrillers, will recall seeing bits of paper fluttering in the wind. Drop an elephant from the top of the Eiffel Tower, and it will explode. A man who hits a building at 500mph or thereabouts will not survive, regardless of his mode of transport, but it is not unlikely his passport will, and other documents on his person and in the plane, ditto other small, light objects.
Rather than make such asinine claims, Mike Adams and his ilk should do a little research – proper research. This photograph below, took less than a minute to find.
An example of  “paper wreckage” from Flight 93.
An example of “paper wreckage” from Flight 93.
Steve Mellon/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
There are plenty more out there, including plane wreckage of the Cruise missile that hit the Pentagon (sarcasm), and of actual bodies of victims. Anyone who doesn’t understand why photographs of bodies and other wreckage are difficult to find on-line, click here. If you believe anything Mike Adams spouts, read the whole article but pay especial attention to 4) There was no/insufficient wreckage.
Regarding the claim about the cellphone calls being faked, we can do no better than quote the mother of Mark Bingham, who spoke to her son on Flight 93 minutes or even seconds before his death:
“The Internet is something like the Wild West, and people can get on there with very few credentials and not very many brains, and say whatever they want to”.
Mr Adams does have credentials – in his chosen field – brains is entirely another matter. One aside here, the technology to fake and certainly to doctor voices as suggested here has been with us for a long time. If Mr Adams wants to expose what might be a real conspiracy involving such fakery, he should get in touch with Edgar Steele who was convicted of attempting to murder his wife on what he claims is fabricated voice evidence, evidence his defense expert was not permitted to examine, but as usual, caveat emptor.
Returning to point 4) in the current article, “Abandoning science in order to stay politically correct” – is he kidding, or what? Trying using the dreaded N word at a press briefing, or making any slightly disparaging comment about homosexuals, Jews, or even women. Political correctness has been drummed into the Western psyche for the past four decades or more by the likes of Chris Bambery on peril of being branded racist, sexist, homophobic, and God knows what else. Curiously though, while it is considered bad manners to make disparaging comments about Moslems in both America and Britain, it has until recently been considered perfectly acceptable to bomb, maim and murder them in their own countries. This appears to be changing now, not due to 9/11 but due largely to the alternative media; the downside to the alternative media is that while we can watch in horror and revulsion at images of police officers beating up or even killing people – including in America – we have also to put up with the alternative media according to Mike Adams.
The final point to be discussed here is 5) “The BBC, in a live news broadcast, reported the collapse of WTC 7 20 minutes before it happened!”
What discussion or comment does this require? Perhaps Larry Silverstein, or George Bush, or one of David Icke’s blood drinking lizards from the Manhattan branch of the Illuminati phoned the BBC and told them the building would be coming down - “We’re gonna pull it” – in 20 minutes, but the journalist misheard. So the BBC got it wrong, it does sometimes; it got it wrong here too, more than once, then apologised for its mistakes and corrected them.
In fact, if you listen to Jane Standley, who made this announcement, she actually said the details of what had happened were very sketchy. The BBC's response can be found here.
The most noticable thing about the article by this man who tells his fellow Americans they are dumb - a claim of which he is the living proof - is its tone. It is in short, an exercise in mockery; if Mr Adams concedes this, he will doubtless claim that he is mocking the perpertrators rather than the victims, but it is difficult to interpret it as anything but an exercise in mockery. The same tone is noticeable in the pronoucements of David Ray Griffin, it is almost as though they are glad these atrocities happened because it gives them the chance to show just how evil and stupid is the American Government, and how smart they are for catching them out.
The lunacy of the 9/11 Truthers has been debunked time and time and time again. Nineteen fanatics armed with boxcutters hijacked planes, defeated domestic security, and perpetrated the greatest atrocity in modern times outside of war against the symbols of global capitalism – the Twin Towers - and the symbol of global, military dominination, the Pentagon. But for the valliant passengers of Flight 93, they would also have bombed the White House. Some things really are that simple. They may well have believed they were striking a blow against the Great Satan in the name of the oppressed peoples of the world; if that was their intention, then clearly they have failed, but their greatest success – if mass murder can be called that – lies in convincing their victims that someone else was responsible. Mike Adams, David Ray Griffin and all the other so smart academics who think their fellow Americans and the rest of us are all so dumb should take no comfort from that.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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