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article imageOnt. Liberal MPP: Horwath's NDP 'aligning themselves' with PCs Special

By Andrew Moran     Sep 24, 2011 in Politics
Toronto - Liberal Don Valley West Member of Provincial Parliament and Ontario Transportation Minister held a Saturday morning press conference accusing Andrea Horwath's New Democrats of aligning themselves with Tim Hudak's Progressive Conservatives.
The Ontario election campaign trail is winding down and political parties are scrambling to rally their supporters and urging their undecided constituents to go out and vote for them. Advanced polling booths are open.
Although Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak and Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty have not scheduled any public events Saturday, one Liberal Member of Provincial Parliament scheduled a Saturday morning press conference.
Speaking at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Toronto, Liberal Transportation Minister and Don Valley West Member of Provincial Parliament, Kathleen Wynne, talked about how Andrea Horwath’s New Democrats have not ruled out the possibility of “propping up a minority Hudak PC government.”
This support, notes Wynne, would allow Hudak’s PCs to take the province on the wrong track. She added that due to the risks that the province is facing, people need to understand what would happen.
“They might not be surprised because Horwath and Hudak have voted together 183 times and from my experience in the legislature watching that that is intuitively, anecdotally, absolutely correct if you look at the summary at,” stated Wynne. “But more than that, people say to me, this has happened since I was first elected, why is the NDP voting with the PCs, why are they not supporting the things that you’re doing.”
A sign at a press conference in Toronto showing NDP aligning themselves with the PCs.
A sign at a press conference in Toronto showing NDP aligning themselves with the PCs.
Wynne explained that Horwath and Hudak have voted against second career retraining for Ontario workers, infrastructure projects and the Harmonized Sales Tax and now they are offering unfunded tax giveaways and have not pledged to repeal the HST.
The Vice Chair of the 2011 Ontario Liberal Campaign added that the two parties now have campaign platforms that are similar to one another. This move by the NDP has surprised Wynne, but doesn’t find it surprising by the PCs.
“I think there was a time when Ontarians might have expected a more principled approach from the NDP and I think that’s why many people are saying that they have lost their way, they don’t know what they stand for and, given their platform, I think that’s clear,” said Wynne. “The NDP has put environmental protection on the backburner in favour of those tax giveaways that Hudak is talking about.”
Wynne noted that those tax giveaways will hurt the environment, job creation, schools and the health care system in the province. “That is not the NDP that I think many Ontarians might have expected and have had grown to know.”
“After eight years of rebuilding Ontario's public health system, families need strong leadership and a strong team that will protect the progress we've made,” added the two-term MPP. “In these uncertain times, Ontarians want a steady, experienced hand on the tiller. Only Dalton McGuinty and the Ontario Liberals have a plan to move Ontario forward.”
A new Forum Research poll suggests that Ontario may have a minority government. Both the Liberals and PCs hold 35 percent support, while the NDP sits with 23 percent. Mike Schreiner’s Green Party has gained some support and now sits with five percent.
The survey was conducted with 40,000 adults.
Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty (L) and Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak.
Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty (L) and Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak.
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