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article imageOp-Ed: Wall Street is Occupied protest not getting media coverage

By KJ Mullins     Sep 23, 2011 in World
New York - Wall Street is being occupied by protesters against corporate greed. Several of the peaceful protesters have been arrested during the Occupy Wall Street protest by those who say they are the 99 percent of Americans who are facing economic crisis.
The protesters are maintaining a peaceful encampment protesting the financial institutions that have been in the protesters words being in control of our land.
Starting last weekend with 5,000 people camping on Liberty Street just blocks from the center of the United States banking center protesters have slowly left, today there is only about 200 strong keeping up the peaceful protest. One of those that has been part of the movement is Michael Moore, the filmmaker who has documented Wall Street in the past and the corruption that takes place behind the gilded doors.
Thousand protesters marched on Wall Street  with a couple hundred continuing into the night occupyin...
Thousand protesters marched on Wall Street, with a couple hundred continuing into the night occupying Liberty Plaza in lower Manhattan.
Collin Anderson
Some of the demands of the group is to end the modern gilded age, end joblessness, stop political corruption, end health profiteering and ending war.
Two participants in the Occupy Wall Street demonstration against Wall Street s practices and influen...
Two participants in the Occupy Wall Street demonstration against Wall Street's practices and influence over government.
What could have been a media boom though has roughly gone unreported. The marches are being reported but the general assembly of those who are taking part is lacking coverage for what is a global movement.
The major networks have ignored the protest centered in their own nation. Had the action taken place in an undeveloped area of the world there would be non-stop coverage of it. Instead in America the status quo of the one percent that have the most power when it comes to the economic situation in the States are looking the other way.
Would the situation be different if the Tea Party was part of the story? Some believe that would be the case. When the Tea Party has a few hundred people gather for a protest the media hounds are snapping at their tails.
What does it take to get the media involved in a peaceful action that protests those who few that have the most power? Without the media focus the rest of the nation is left unaware of what is happening on the very doors of the banking world. Does peaceful protest only matter when its past the borders in a far off land with dictators who have physically harmed their citizens?
Is poverty not a harm to the average man? Does not being able to have a job because of the economy not changing the landscape of America?
Does major network news only matter when it shows the 'best' of America or a ghastly crime? If Rosa Parks was protesting today would she be ignored?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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