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Online ads reaching 50% of U.S. population via video

By Stephanie Medeiros     Sep 23, 2011 in Internet
A report by ComScore has revealed 50 percent of the U.S. population have been reached by advertising through video content.
TechCrunch and ComScore report that YouTube still retains the most viewership for watching video online. Also it was reported half of America's population has viewed online ads.
ComScore reported partnered channels on YouTube were ranked as well, VEVO and Warner Music remaining at the top with over 60,000 and 30,000 views respectfully. Other channels which made the list were Machinima, Associated Press, and IGN, among others.
YouTube and other Google-owned sites which showcase video remained on top, with VEVO in second, Facebook in third and Hulu and NBC Universal finishing off the list. However, Hulu had a whopping 192.4 minutes of watched content per viewer - though, collectively, Google sites clocked in at 343.5 minutes.
Hulu did rank in the top list for video ads which were viewed, at roughly 996 million advertisements. TechCrunch also mentions how Hulu doesn't allow users to skip over ads, which other providers like YouTube allow. This more than likely accounts for such the high views of ads.
ComScore also revealed viewing sessions--or how long a user watches video--were on the rise and reported at 18 hours on average for a user to watch video content. Overall, TechCrunch wrote there were 6.9 billion sessions within the month of August alone.
Altogether, 180 million people in the United States watched video content in August and ComScore sees a potential rise as video becomes a bigger medium for advertisers on the Internet.
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