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article imageOp-Ed: College sports are playing musical chairs

By Oscar Brooks     Sep 20, 2011 in Sports
Have you noticed how many colleges are leaving the athletic conference they are in for a bigger conference. Big East powers, the University of Pittsburgh and Syracuse University are discussing joining the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).
It seems like almost everyday there are schools talking about leaving their athletic conference to join another bigger and more powerful conference. This is nothing new, but there have been many schools to do it this year. The University of Utah and University of Colorado moved to the Pacific 10 Conference this year. Utah had been a member of the Mountain West Conference for many years and Colorado was a member of the Big 12 Conference for a long time. Does the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) care? I don't think so.
Why so much movement? Money. The sports network ESPN is busier than ever. They have a channel that pretty much deals with college sports. It will create a lot of interest around the country if you are a sports fan. Fox television is a bigger player now with college football. The presidents and chancellors of these schools know how to bring money to their respective schools. This is certainly one way to do just that.
Some of the traditional rivalries will continue. On the other hand, some of them will not. Oklahoma and Nebraska used to be the biggest football game of the year in college. These teams don't even play each other now. They are no longer in the same conference. There is some talk about Notre Dame joining the ACC. Notre Dame is closer to Chicago than North Carolina. Geographically it makes no sense, but economically, it makes sense. You will definitely need a program and a scorecard to keep up with all of these moves.
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