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article imageOp-Ed: Relaxing weekend on Canada's Stave Lake Special

By Joseph Boltrukiewicz     Sep 20, 2011 in Lifestyle
Vancouver - A quick change of a scene from urban life of Vancouver and less busy Coquitlam doesn't take too much time to find a good weekend spot at Stave Lake. It's only some 60 km east of Vancouver;
The last section of the trip has to be driven on gravel road. But if you think you found the right and relaxing spot, well, then you have to think twice.
It's Saturday afternoon, time about 2:30 p.m. On the way to the very last spot by the lake you've already passed some quad and dirt motorbike lovers. They don't mind offering you their adrenaline rush show-off long before you reach the lake's recreation area. Their machines howl like crazy and their riders don't give a damn to anybody.
Weekend camping on boulder beach  Stave Lake  BC.
Weekend camping on boulder beach, Stave Lake, BC.
Then you come to a rocky spot on the huge boulder beach to look for a place to leave your camper overnight. Some 20 people in their early twenties are offering you the most exciting "music" that originates from US jails, their radio bass expanders work so well that everybody can experience this.
Quadding enhtusiasts on Stave Lake  BC.
Quadding enhtusiasts on Stave Lake, BC.
Cans of beer spread all over and partly intoxicating company run their discussions the way everybody can hear them. Every now and then clinking sounds of disposed of cans of beer detest to the boulder beach being fed with fresh aluminum stuff. Some individuals are already sleeping - how can they survive this noise? Probably due to the level of intoxication..., everybody has his and her different limits.
Progressing swearing keeps conversations going. Any problem? - it's party time, it's fun...
A small group of people is having a party in a rubber boat some 50 metres off the beach. All of the sudden a shrieking noise informs others, probably on the other side of the lake too, about a loss of a valuable gadget - "my ipoooooood....!!!"
Light lines of night ride on muddy road  Stave Lake  BC.
Light lines of night ride on muddy road, Stave Lake, BC.
When the night time comes, there's no better fun than riding the 4x4s on the dirt roads, very close to the lake. Nobody checked larger bodies of water so one powerful Ford F350 ends up in a muddy trap, half way sunk. Funny it is to witness how "built tough" is not able to move anywhere. New commercials shooting for Ford anybody? The rescue operation takes some 20 minutes to pull it back out. The body of water stays intact until next morning with even bigger hole inside.
Crazy music continues until 5AM with a few fireworks shows in the night.
Early morning view over Stave Lake  BC (N-NE view of the lake) with dirt road in the foreground.
Early morning view over Stave Lake, BC (N-NE view of the lake) with dirt road in the foreground.
Early in the morning next group of youngsters with a loud "yippiee...!", convinced about their 4x4's strength, with the speed of 80km/h, try to pass pretty innocently looking water that brought a lot of trouble to huge F350 the night before. Of course, they got into the hole too. I was just wondering if it wouldn't have been better for them to stay at home and watch Sunday morning cartoons...Another rescue operation took only some 15 minutes to get their jeep out from the hole.
Jeep that ended up in mud  Stave Lake  BC.
Jeep that ended up in mud, Stave Lake, BC.
After the drinking party left the boulder beach about 11AM it all got pretty stable. Two families brought their huge trailer and young offsprings to train them on small and cute looking quads, still noisy. But not only these, powerful boats started their back and forth trips on water originating their cruises and finishing them on the other side of the lake. Not even a single minute of silence because on the other side of the rocky beach, maybe within some 300-400 metres, deep in the forest, someone was exercising target shooting.
Family trailer with quads and motorbikes  Stave Lake  BC.
Family trailer with quads and motorbikes, Stave Lake, BC.
Stave Lake - nice and picturesque place, not far away from the big city... I was asking the question, how much time it will take to get it harmed to the degree until it gets unused for people to visit it when escaping their busy city life? Unless you do quadding or motorbiking, this lake is not for someone seeking relaxing time on the weekend at all.
Weekend escape from busy city life  Stave Lake  BC  N-NW view from the lake.
Weekend escape from busy city life, Stave Lake, BC, N-NW view from the lake.
Late summer sky over Stave Lake  BC.
Late summer sky over Stave Lake, BC.
Great blue heron taking off  Stave Lake  BC.
Great blue heron taking off, Stave Lake, BC.
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