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article imageWoman wakes up in morgue after being pronounced dead

By Katerina Nikolas     Sep 19, 2011 in Health
Kuwait - A woman who was pronounced dead by doctors during a Caesarean section delivery awoke in a locked and frozen morgue. Surrounded by corpses she claimed she could have "perished alive of horror."
A woman whom doctors pronounced dead had to endure the horrendous experience of waking up in a locked hospital morgue filled with corpses. Her ordeal lasted for two hours until her screams of panic were heard by a hospital worker who opened the morgue’s deep freezer to release her.
The unnamed Saudi woman was at the Al Jahara Hospital in Kuwait City where she had spent six days prior to giving birth. According to the Arab Times she alleges that during this period the doctors treated her cruelly. During a cesarean operation to deliver the baby, doctors were under the mistaken impression the woman had died.
The woman said that as she was rushed into the operating theatre to deliver her baby the hospital “Phoned my husband and asked him to go quickly to the blood bank and bring blood for me… on his way to the hospital, my husband was told that I died during the operation and that the baby is in good condition.”Emirates 247 report she went on to recount that her husband was issued with a death certificate whilst she was in the morgue. As he informed relatives of her death the hospital contacted him again, asking him to return the death certificate as she was alive. The woman was traumatised by her ordeal, claiming she could have “Perished alive of horror, cold, lack of food and water” if her screams have not been heard by an Asian worker.
The incident occurred two years ago but a case was filed against the hospital which is said to be carrying out investigations. However the woman said that no doctors have been summoned and “The Asian worker who let me out of the morgue has been missing and no longer works at the hospital. I suspect that they are trying to prevent him from testifying for me,” Emirates 247 reports.
A similar case in South Africa saw a man put on ice in a morgue for 24 hours, when his family thought he was dead as they couldn’t wake him. However, doctors were not called to pronounce the victim, Mr. Kupelo, dead. When he awoke in the morgue and screamed for help, Gawker said he recounted that the attendants “ran for their lives.”
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