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article imageDr. Oz's apple juice claim criticized by FDA

By Kathleen Blanchard     Sep 17, 2011 in Health
The FDA says they’ve been testing arsenic in apple juice for years, and it’s safe to drink, in a press release. The statement follows claims by Dr. Mehmet Oz that apple juice contains arsenic, which the FDA has criticized as being "irresponsible".
The FDA says though there is arsenic in apple juice, the levels are safe and non-toxic.
Even Dr. Oz, who tested apple juice for total arsenic levels, says there’s no immediate health concern, but he does feel the public should know what’s in their food.
According to Oz, there is more arsenic in apple juice than the FDA allows in water – something he says simply exposes kids to “needlessly” high levels of the substance that might negatively impact health a decade from now.
Oz says we don’t really know enough about the potential harm from ingesting organic arsenic.
Oz says in his website report:
"American apple juice is made from apple concentrate, 60 percent of which is imported from China. Other countries may use pesticides that contain arsenic, a heavy metal known to cause cancer."
Arsenic is in the air and in our food. According to the FDA, there is a difference between organic and inorganic arsenic – the latter of which can cause health harm with long-term exposure.
Dr. Oz isn't sure organic arsenic is as harmless as the FDA says.
“Organic arsenic CAN be harmful. There are toxic forms of organic arsenic. The FDA also knows that our understanding of organic arsenic is evolving. We are learning more about how organic arsenic is converted into the more toxic inorganic arsenic.”
Dr. Oz got the wrong results, contends the FDA, whose own testing found much lower levels of arsenic than Oz reported.
The FDA reports their testing, performed regularly, shows 3 to 6 parts per billion.
Testing, sponsored by Dr. Oz and performed by Nestle and two other independent labs, found 36 parts per billion of arsenic in one popular brand of apple juice.
In one study of Gerber apple juice, inorganic arsenic was found, Dr. Oz, reports on his website.
Though the FDA says apple juice is safe, Dr. Oz is standing his ground. He has invited the FDA to discuss the issue on his show. So far they have declined.
In the meantime, the FDA and Dr. Oz both say there’s no need to stop drinking apple juice. Oz also plans to do more testing to discover how much arsenic in apple juice is inorganic.
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