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Op-Ed: PreLaunch Australia – same hype, still no action

By Alexander Baron     Sep 16, 2011 in Internet
Two months and more ago, a company calling itself PreLaunch Australia appeared promising potential subscribers massive profits. The adverts are still there, but nothing else has materialised.
This is the second article about PreLaunch Australia published by Digital Journal; the first one can be found here. As you will see, the company talks big; the lady in the video says: “We are now in global pre-launch and have partnered with the most amazing product ever to be launched”.
Really, how amazing? More amazing than fire?
More amazing than the wheel?
More amazing than the internal combustion engine?
More amazing than the silicon chip?
How about the humble mobile phone?
None of these things; this company, which is also said to be the largest global pre-launch in history, is, according to people who know what they are talking about, the second coming of MyShoppingGenie. It remains to be seen if the people running (or who will be running) PreLaunch Australia have any actual connection with MyShoppingGenie, but what does not remain to be seen is that there are easier ways for Joe Sixpack or the girl next door to make money from the Internet than pay a company a $199 “one-time fee” AND a $29 per month subscription in order to give away software.
If that sounds like a scam, technically it isn’t, but the average person will not make money from MyShoppingGenie, as this lady makes clear.
(One thing to note, this domain is not to be confused with PrelaunchAustralia.Com, which is an entirely different company, and a legitimate one).
As things stand, we can’t even be sure that PreLaunch Australia is marketing a similar product because although it has done a lot of recruiting, it has said absolutely nothing about this product, but if you check out any of the noticeboards run by Multi-Level Marketers, the little feedback you will find is all bad. Try Googling the phrase “Prelaunch Australia scam” to start with. Indeed, this may be the reason the much hyped pre-launch has been delayed for so long.
As of yesterday, September 16, the domain PreLaunchMalaysia.Com had been crawled twice from February 21 this year by the Internet Wayback Machine. PreLaunchAustralia.Net has not yet been archived, but the fact that its sister domain has been around for so long is a bad sign; this may or may not be the largest pre-launch in history, but it could just be the longest.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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