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article imageOp-Ed: Torchwood – more convoluted than ‘The X-Files’

By Alexander Baron     Sep 16, 2011 in Entertainment
Last month, the BBC’s ‘Torchwood’ mini-series came in for a barrage of complaints over its quasi-pornographic sex scenes; its plot and conclusion were arguably even more offensive.
No one should have been surprised that the ten part Torchwood: Miracle Day included scenes of gratuitous homosexuality; not only is the lead actor John Barrowman an in-your-face homosexual, but the programme’s creator Russell T. Davis bats for the opposition, and he has never been slow to publicise the fact through his writings. Having said that, there are some things on television that most people find even more offensive than two half-naked men groping each with carnal intent, such as ludicrous plots with so many twists and turns that even a PhD in Quantum Physics would have difficulty unravelling them.
The X-Files had that sort of silliness; although Agents Mulder and Scully were also given some great storylines, the writers had to spoil it by throwing in all sorts of meaningless gibberish about government/UFO conspiracies.
As Torchwood is a spin off of Dr Who, something of that nature was unavoidable, but at the end of the series the viewer was left with some sort of bizarre life force at two antipodes drinking the blood of immortals, something that was called The Blessing. Or maybe it was drinking the blood of mortals, the only one being Captain Jack after everyone else became immortal, but then the status quo was restored.
At the beginning there was a great if not plot to work then problem for the heroes to solve, namely, death (for human beings) had suddenly been abolished, which may sound great to Aubrey de Grey, but of course there is always a downside. Then there was the little matter of the convicted child killer Oswald Danes for which the BBC managed to recruit A List actor Bill Pullman, who played his character majestically, but even Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep couldn’t have rescued an essentially sound storyline line from a bad script and an even worse plot.
Thought at the end of the day, good appeared to have triumphed over evil, the bad news is there will surely be more to follow, which is a real pity. It would be better if instead, John Barrowman were to return to what he does best, cabaret, and Russell T. Davies to writing adventure stories for children of all ages with an emphasis on good old fashioned villains, and heroes who are capable of saving the world without either uttering profanities or dropping their trousers.
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