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article imagePresident Obama: plea for common ground to both political parties

By Nancy Houser     Sep 9, 2011 in Politics
Politics involve federal spending, national defense, abortion, health care, jobs and political discord among parties. President Barack Obama’s speech on September 8 was a plea for common ground among parties to develop jobs and stabilize the economy.
Without political stabilization and the ability to work on common ground, the United States is unable to move forward. The speech given by President Obama is worthless unless bipartisan exists, preventing jobs from developing. This means the average American citizen, the backbone of the United States, will not have a job. This is nothing new under the Obama administration, dating back to the 2008 Hill article, "Maintain unemployment benefits for still struggling Americans." Americans are unable to make money and pay their bills or send their children to college. Many lose homes. On a daily basis, hope is becoming lost for children without adequate food and families going under. Elderly and disabled people are living day by day on one government check, held over their heads like a carrot.
Mercy Corps is devoted to helping the poor recover from disaster by empowering local citizens.
Mercy Corps is devoted to helping the poor recover from disaster by empowering local citizens.
Unfortunately, with so many natural disasters hitting many states, people are losing their homes and lives. This is not the time for political discord and massive cuts to emergency services. Lives are being lost and destroyed, while politics focus on winning a battle or proving a point. When a person drowns in flooded water, whether that person is a Republican or Democrat is of no importance. Dead is dead. When a man or woman pulls him or her out of the water and saves a life, does it matter which party the rescuer belongs to? Again, this is not the time for political discord and massive cuts to emergency services. It cannot be stressed enough.
Under the current Obama administration, the widening rift between the GOP and White House has become a personal vendetta by the Tea Party and Republicans, not against the Democrats but a personal battle toward President Obama himself. In the process, the American people are becoming innocent political fatalities at a time when the Hill reports “the base pay for House and Senate lawmakers is $174,000, though leaders earn a higher salary.”
What is stimulating Obama’s presidency is joblessness, a struggling economy and an unbending political party with a rigid goal of regaining political control of the United States in 2012. ABC reports that the president’s inclination is to propose policies that have a chance for accomplishment. However, “It also challenges the White House strategy of portraying the president as a sensible and pragmatic leader who is as frustrated with the ways of Washington as the public.”
Using information from the Manpower report  this infographic depicts the change in employment outloo...
Using information from the Manpower report, this infographic depicts the change in employment outlook across the ten sectors surveyed.
The American Jobs Act by President Obama stressed a bipartisan agenda to Congress, but with so many GOPs refusing to attend or throwing his speech down before he started, it is unlikely it will happen. According to ABC, instead of working on common ground to help the job situation now, the Republicans are hoping to unseat Obama in 2012, currently lining up to release job plans of their own. Until then, "White House officials point out that Republicans have walked away from deficit cutting deals with the president. They argue that Republican opposition has contributed to lawmakers' poor standing in public opinion polls," says ABC Action News.
One of the few bipartisan ideas that both parties accepted in the American Jobs Act was to make changes in the Medicare, even though there are many dissenting thoughts on it. People hear what they wish to hear, not what the actual truth is. The media portrays this, focusing on negative and dissent, to keep their numbers up and the American people at each other's throats.
Meanwhile, President Obama cannot win for losing, no matter how hard he tries due to the rigid GOP unless he becomes just as unbending. But even though the political cards are stacked against him and the American people, hopefully his speech will provide action on jobs and unemployment.
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