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article imageSurvey: Americans coolest people, Canadians among least cool

By Steffan Ileman     Sep 8, 2011 in Entertainment
According to a survey conducted by social networking site Badoo among 30,000 people in 15 countries, Americans are the coolest people on Earth, while Belgians are the least cool. The World said Charlie Waffles (video), not Belgian Waffles.
The survey concluded that Americans are the coolest people on the planet, while Belgians are the least cool. Following Belgians Poles were the first runners up in least cool, while Turks captured the Bronze. Canadians missed the customary bronze in fourth place behind the Turks but, surprisingly, ahead of the Germans who only captured the fifth place in this competition.
That makes President Barack Obama the coolest dude on the planet, while Michele Obama becomes the First Coolest Lass.
Here’s a complete list of nationalities and how they ranked in the competition:
Top ten coolest nationalities
1. Americans
2. Brazilians
3. Spanish
4. Italians
5. French
6. British
7. Dutch
8. Mexicans
9. Argentinians
10. Russians
Top five least cool
1. Belgians
2. Poles
3. Turks
4. Canadians
5. Germans
According to pundits factors that weighed in favour of Americans are reports that Central Park muggers give back change in return for tourists' wallets, and deportees get booked on private jets. The British Royal Family has been entertaining the world with its bubbly soap operas and comically pompous characters, so there’s no surprise there. Russians have scared us for years with their nuclear missiles, and some of us pay money to get scared. If it weren't for Italian shoes we'd still look like ducks. French kiss, Dutch clogs, Mexican tacos, Argentinian tango are all cool stuff. Why then are Belgians so uncool? Is it the funny hats they stole from Bavaria?
Turks wrestle you down to the ground if you argue with them.
Turks wrestle you down to the ground if you argue with them.
Wikipedia (Vikipedi)
The answer might be found in the use of Belgian waffles as deadly projectiles (as seen in Two And A Half Men), and the increasing use of Belgian waffle irons in domestic disputes. While Turks’ head gear is understandably very uncool, and they wrestle you to the ground if you have an argument, how is it possible that Canada’s sweet people can be even less cool than the Germans? One visitor explained it this way: “All they talk about is their lousy weather, with an “Ehh ?”.” "It's gonna rain, Ehh?" "It's sunny today, Ehh?" He said he almost had a seizure the other day when he was stuck in an elevator with amateur weather forecasters that tried to strike a conversation about Canada's damned weather.
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