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article imageOp-Ed: The future for Casey Anthony

By Alexander Baron     Sep 9, 2011 in Crime
Orlando - Although she was acquitted of murdering her daughter, Casey Anthony’s legal problems continue, as do those of the people responsible for both monitoring and protecting her.
She may be not guilty in the eyes of the law, but Casey Anthony is still regarded by many as a baby killer. That wouldn’t be so bad if some people weren’t intent on carrying out the sentence they believe she deserves; there have already been at least two assaults on innocent women in cases of mistaken identity, one of them extremely serious.
Since her acquittal on all major charges relating to the death of her daughter Caylee, Anthony’s lawyers, though not the woman herself, have been back in court to argue technical matters relating to her probation.
Before her sensational acquittal, Anthony stood trial for and was convicted of stealing checks (cheques) from her former friend Amy Huizenga. As well as stating classically that the truth and Miss Anthony are strangers, Judge Strickland sentenced her to probation, probably thinking it would be academic in view of her then forthcoming murder trial. Strickland was initially to have tried that case too, but he was recused, and Judge Perry was given that doubtful privilege.
There have also been other issues. After her acquittal, the suggestion was mooted that Anthony could sell her story or otherwise make “a killing”. Most people were revolted by this suggestion, and some both inside and outside the legal establishment set in motion plans to prevent this.
To date, Anthony has not given a single interview – paid or otherwise, nor has she been offered a job as a porn actress as once mooted, or anything else. She has also been billed by the State of Florida for over half a million dollars, and if that comes to nothing there are at least two civil suits pending against her including one by by the real Zenaida Gonzalez, whose named Anthony purloined for her non-existent nanny kidnapper.
She is currently residing at a secret location, and is totally estranged from her father, and probably from her brother, Lee. In view of the disgusting allegations she made against especially George Anthony, the reason for this is obvious. It remains to be seen if her mother wants anything to do with her beyond being assured that she is at liberty and safe, but where does that leave her?
If she had been convicted of manslaughter or at the very least of child abuse, she would have been sentenced to a number of years in gaol and could have been quietly paroled three or four years hence, and just maybe she could have got on with her life. Because that did not happen, there remains and almost certainly will remain for many years a lingering sense of injustice which should she show her face in public could result in her being seriously assaulted or even murdered. This leaves the legal authorities with only one practical course of action, they will have to give her a new identity, which will certainly result in her changing her hair style and may even necessitate plastic surgery.
This will of course result in either the State of Florida or more likely some national agency spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on creating this false identity, relocating her elsewhere, and even finding her a job. Although she can drive and use a computer well enough to search for the word chloroform with Internet Explorer, she has the sort of criminal record that precludes her from any job handling money, so there will be further problems here, especially in the current economic climate. Expensive or not, it would be morally wrong for the authorities to act otherwise.
Then, should she become pregnant again, this will almost certainly give rise to further legal issues which will probably have to be played out in camera, if not with a total media blackout. Acquittal or no acquittal, she has been deemed an unfit mother, and powerful arguments will be mustered for taking any further children away from her at birth.
Those who believe justice was not done in that Orlando courtroom two months ago can take considerable comfort from the fact that Casey Anthony will be looking over her shoulder for the foreseeable future, and that to all intents and purposes, she is living in a prison without bars.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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