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article imageA chat about social networking with Finnish CEO Special

By Anthony Carranza     Sep 7, 2011 in Technology
Since 1990 Petteri Tarkkonen has been serving as the Managing Director, CEO and President of Finn-ID Oy. Finn-ID specializes and provided identification-based enterprise solutions for logistics.
He has built a solid leadership, vision, high tech business and developed successful strategies for the business that operates in Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
He embraces social media networking as a great marketing tool aligning the company’s message with his own. Tarkkonen has a large number of followers on Twitter by applying what he considers most important: having a clear vision and leadership in your life. Petteri speaks other languages such as English, Swedish, German and Russian.
1. What are some influential events in your life that led you down the path to work and manage numerous companies?
I cannot recall or name a specific event. It was more like a natural path. I lead a company in Finland and we expanded to Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. It was just a business decision from corporate to organize it this way. Being in charge of five companies we could build the same culture and working processes to all.
We actually build 5 different companies to work as one. Those could also be organized as satellite offices, but legally we needed to make them own entities/legal companies. In the early 1990's those countries were far from European Union (EU) and Russia even today is not in EU.
While i was already in charge of big part of business in those countries (Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) it was natural I took over all corporate activities in those countries. We had another business line which also had companies in those countries. so it ended up that i had 9 different CEO positions at the same time. That was 1995-2000. In 2001, we closed Lithuanian operations and since it was 7 different companies.
2. Who were the people that were trans formative in your way of thinking?
I have been mostly influenced by several consultants, friends and employees. From Finland I would name Jari Sarasvuo and his team. From us i would say Anthony Robbins.
3. How did you discover social media?
I had heard a lot about social media during the years but had not huge interest. Have two sons at age 18 and 20, so they have been a great resource and a channel for this. Finally I got so many invitations to Linked-In so had to an early start in 2010. We have a brand manager in our company and it is her responsibility to follow this kind on things. After the 2010 summer, we decided to craft a "social media strategy" which was approved in October 2010. At that time I opened a personal account on Facebook and Twitter just to know a bit more myself.
4. Why did you find Twitter to be the preferred platform?
Twitter was a natural choice. Linked-In wanted to limit to my professional friends. Facebook is to me very personal. On Twitter it is easier to get bigger audience and that’s what one needs with quotes. I do mainly leadership and motivational quotes. I also wanted to have open discussion with people, want them to challenge my quotes. I will learn and they will learn. I wanted to share my knowledge to all possible people who are interested. Now I have 58.000 followers.
5. Does your nationality appeal more to followers locally or globally on Twitter?
From Finland I have only 60 followers. The culture in here is so closed that people only communicate with their friends. My closest circle of friends are abroad and for them Finland might be exotic, but don’t see any advantage to any other country in the world
6. What are some examples of meaningful interactions you can recall having on Twitter?
I share a lot of information and there are many great friends commenting and asking questions about my quotes. This happens 10 to 100 times a day. I get mentions about every 1-2 minutes. I can’t reply/comment on all of them anymore. These discussions are important to me. To feel that people are truly learning and growing.
Actually I am told all sorts of success stories from them daily. In those they explain how I helped them make a difference and that feels good. I also communicate a lot with top people that are exemplifying leaders from other segments of the industry. And those guys are top around the globe and those discussions give me a lot.
7. Can you provide any particular techniques or strategies that you like to share with Twitter users in Minnesota?
Minnesota or for any other place, the same rules apply. Twitter is global or at least could be seen global. If used locally, fine, but potential is more. You must have a clear vision and know what you want from twitter. One can follow up to 2.000 people without having any followers. If you want to share valuable content, you have to have a clear message. A real value comes from other follower’s point of view. Make a clear plan on who to follow and try to get them to follow you back. Be active. Nobody (except celebs) gets followers automatically, not at least at the start. Same rules apply when you want successful business. Clear vision and mission then comes a clear strategy.
8. Do you believe Social media has made any impacts on racial differences or not relevant in countries like Finland?
Racial difference I don’t know. Maybe that is a "side product". People communicate with others without knowing how he/she looks or where she/he is from. It has made world smaller. You find people all over the world, from places one did even know they exist. That has to have an effect for better.
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