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article imageOp-Ed: Double whammy for the Israeli Government

By Alexander Baron     Sep 4, 2011 in Politics
When your only Moslem ally turns on you, and the people come out in their hundreds of thousands to protest, it could be because you’re doing something wrong.
In May this year, Israel committed an act of piracy on the high seas, invading an unarmed flotilla and murdering nine innocent men in cold blood: eight Turks and one American citizen. For years, decades, the Israelis have got away with murder, literally, for a number of reasons including the double standard that always applies whenever the West or its allies confront the Islamic world, and because of the power of the lobby Abraham Foxman tells us doesn’t really exist. That’s the same Abraham Foxman who fronts an organisation that has 30 regional offices across the United States, attempts to police the Internet, boasts that it influences US domestic and foreign policy, and has, according to its 2009 annual report, total assets of $157,327,000.
Sadly for him and Bibi, Israel’s crimes are taboo no more, certainly not with governments falling like ninepins all around it and other unpalatable truths coming to the fore, like the extent of Britain’s collaboration with the Gaddafi régime including spying on dissidents, and Tony (weapons of mass destruction) Blair assisting the Colonel’s son with his PhD thesis.
According to a Forbe’s magazine correspondent, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu believes neither he nor his country has anything to apologise for.
“We need not apologize for acting to defend our civilians, our children and our communities”, he is said to have told both his Cabinet and journalists.
When “defence” amounts to the indiscriminate murder of unarmed civilians, you bet you need to apologise.
For this and for other reasons, the rift between the Zionist entity and Turkey is widening; the Israeli Ambassador has been expelled, and the next step appears to be the International Court of Justice over the Gaza blockade.
As this were not bad enough, there is big trouble on the home front for Netanyahu; a 400,000 strong crowd is said to have taken to the streets of Israel’s major cities last night as part of a two month long protest over the high cost of living, housing crisis, and worsening financial conditions. About the only people who didn’t join the protest are the ultra-Orthodox, who according to the same report, spend most of their studying scripture while living off government hand outs.
What this commentator doesn’t seem to realise is that this is what most accredited academics worldwide do anyway. True, many of them like archivist Jonathan Oates do research and publish books of interest to scholars and for posterity, like his new one on the Jacobites, but books on history, natural history, architecture, etc, don’t grow so much as an ear of corn.
The real drain on Israel is its military – which is paid for in large part by the American taxpayer. If it were to stop murdering innocent people and reach an accommodation with its neighbours giving the Palestinians a meaningful citizenship instead of the sham one they now have, it could reduce such expenditure considerably. And as tiny Gaza has no natural resources, who’s to say it couldn’t be turned into a hive of industry, perhaps the Silicon Valley of the Middle East? Israel certainly has no shortage of talented programmers and other scientists, which begs the question, how can a country of such intelligent people elect such dumb rulers?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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