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article imageOp-Ed: The Nick Griffin Show is a laugh a minute

By Alexander Baron     Sep 2, 2011 in Politics
There is an American comedian called Nick Griffin, but his stand up routine is not a patch on that of his British namesake.
Nick Griffin is playing a series of shows between now and November 27; for the other Nick Griffin, the show is as good as over, certainly the number of people prepared to put their hands in their pockets on his behalf has been diminishing for some considerable time, probably because the tickets are not deemed value for money.
Griffin was a member of the National Front when that party still had some potential to change Britain for the better, regardless of the hate campaign directed at it by left wing morons and their wealthy friends in low places. In spite of the de rigueur Nazi smears from the likes of the odious Searchlight Organisation, the NF had a thoroughly democratic structure, but a power struggle within its Directorate resulted in John Tyndall resigning from his post as party leader and forming the breakaway New National Front, the organisation that would eventually become the British National Party.
The reason Tyndall gave for this was his sudden realisation that a homosexual network had been operating within the Front for some time. In reality, there were two members who were definitely homosexual, including a very prominent one who was tolerated because he was a good organiser. His homosexuality became an issue only when the Directorate refused to give Tyndall autocratic powers over the entire party, the leadership principle of Adolf Hitler.
Over the years, Tyndall built first the New National Front and then the British National Party as best he could; he also allowed Griffin into the party, and at one point, Griffin was even editing Spearhead, the magazine Tyndall founded in 1965, and published until his death forty years later.
Although neither Tyndall nor the BNP were obsessed with the Jewish Question to the exclusion of all else, it would be fair to say that some of its policies were overtly anti-Semitic, but neither Tyndall nor his followers can be held solely to blame for this. In Britain, the Jewish establishment and Jewish activists outside of that establishment have a long history of attacking – sometimes physically – all white nationalist organisations. An extreme example of this was the (not exclusively Jewish) 43 Group that ran a hate campaign against Sir Oswald Mosley until it was shut down under pressure from Organised Jewry in June 1950, according to a contemporaneous report in the Jewish Chronicle. Give a dog a bad name...
That being said, there is no record of Griffin having to run the Kosher gauntlet, but in 1997 he published Who are the MIND-BENDERS? The people who rule Britain through control of the mass media, although unlike the principled but extremely gullible Lady Birdwood, he didn’t put his name to his own publication.
In this pamphlet he listed a large number of Jews who work in the British media, such as the totally innocuous comedy actress Felicity Kendall, TV presenter Gaby Roslin, and the presenter and later campaigner Esther Rantzen, although for some bizarre reason he made no mention anywhere of Gerry Gable and his Searchlight Organisation.
Like Tyndall, Griffin fell foul of Britain’s Draconian and misnamed race relations legislation on more than one occasion, although it is fair to say that in the United States which has constitutional guarantees of free speech, neither of them would have.
It was not though his anti-Semitism that was to be Griffin’s undoing but his duplicity, and a love of money that would put Shylock to shame.
The duplicity started when he betrayed Tyndall, and ousted him from the leadership of the party, something that was effected in part by a smear campaign worthy of Searchlight magazine. Then he made a conscious decision, well before 9/11, to embark on a crusade against Islam. It should have been obvious what would come next, although he didn’t show his hand immediately, but apart from Al-Qaeda and the Westboro Baptist Church, there are very few organisations that relish being hated by absolutely everyone, so having decided that Islam was the root of all evil, Griffin turned his attention to attempting to build bridges with the Jewish establishment, who wouldn’t have given him the time of day even if he hadn’t written The Mindbenders. The new realism, if one may call it that, is that Israel is in the frontline of the war on terror, and it and the BNP are “comrades in arms”.
Those who have longer memories will not of course be fooled by this stupid rhetoric, especially at a time when Jews on both sides of the Atlantic have come to see Zionism for what it really is, and there is now a vast non-partisan movement against both Zionism and American “Imperialism”, which with the Arab Spring may finally see a just settlement of the Palestinian question with hopefully a two-state solution.
Griffin did one thing in this period of which he could have made capital, but which he didn’t boast about or even mention. Eleven years ago he was visited at his Welsh farm by a man who span him a not quite believable yarn. He was a dentist, or had been until he was struck off for raping a patient, a young black girl. Having lost his livelihood, been divorced by his wife, and of course sent to gaol, his life had been ruined, and he was after payback, ie he was looking for a hit man, although he does not appear to have couched his request in those terms. Sensing a media trap, Griffin showed him the door but passed on information about this bizarre contact to a researcher, who quite by accident a few months later found a press report of the same man, not relating to the rape of his patient – which had already been established – but for attempting to hire a hit man to murder his ex-wife.
Clearly, the man who had visited Griffin had been the real McCoy, and in due course this information was passed on to the police in both Wales and Birmingham, and the obsessive ex-dentist was warned off, although apparently no further charges were laid against him.
Back in the political world, Griffin continued his rants against Islam; this was the same Griffin who had visited Colonel Gaddafi as recently as 1986 in an unsuccessful attempt to get his hands on some of that Libyan oil money, although he did come back with a nice supply of Gaddafi’s famous Green Book. It was though the modicum of success at the ballot box that would go to Griffin’s head. While he built the BNP far better than Tyndall ever had or could have done, including winning local council seats, albeit accompanied as ever by the hysteria of the baying red mob, he also managed to get himself elected to the European Parliament in 2009, where he has done precisely nothing. Apart from collect his expenses, that is. One would have expected him at the minimum to have campaigned on an anti-usury platform, although perhaps he now considers that to be too Islamic. It is though his domestic expenses that have landed him in hot water. Somehow his party has managed to run up literally enormous debts over the past few years, though it remains to be seen for what, and now the bailiffs have turned up at his farm. This is not the first time this has happened; he went bankrupt in the 1990s.
Could this be the end for Nick Griffin? It certainly looks like it; activists have been leaving his party en masse, those who haven’t been either suspended or expelled on some specious pretext. Whatever, it is no loss to British nationalism. This cartoon says it all; it was not though produced by the likes of Searchlight or the SWP, but by one of Mr Griffin’s fellow travellers. The sentiment appears to be shared rather widely here, and also on the other side of the Atlantic where another comedian called Nick Griffin is doing his best to live up to his namesake, but don’t be too hard on him if he doesn’t, he has a hard act to follow.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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