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article imageBrazilian woman soon to celebrate her 121st birthday

By Igor I. Solar     Aug 30, 2011 in World
Survival International reported today that it has found a native Brazilian woman who is believed to be the oldest person in the world; María Lucimar Pereira will celebrate her 121st birthday on September 3.
Feijó, Brazil. The NGO Survival International (SI), an advocacy organization for aboriginal and “uncontacted people”, announced today the finding of a 120-year-old woman belonging to the Kaxinawá tribe of the western Brazilian Amazon region who, according to SI, is getting ready to celebrate her 121 anniversary with her family at her home in the state of Acre.
María Lucimar Pereira was born at a rubber plantation near the town of Feijó, Acre, on September 3, 1890.
María Lucimar Pereira  a Kaxinawá indian woman from Feijó  Brazil  poses with part of her family ...
María Lucimar Pereira, a Kaxinawá indian woman from Feijó, Brazil, poses with part of her family a few days ahead of her 121th birthday.
Survival International
Feijó is an Amazonian town not far from the Brazilian border with Perú. She only speaks her native Kaxinawá tribal dialect; she has always lived in the countryside and attributes her longevity to a healthy lifestyle which includes walks in the forest visiting grandchildren and other relatives, and sharing stories with neighbours. She stays away from processed foodstuffs and her diet consists mostly of natural forest foods, grilled monkey meat, plenty of fish, cassava and banana porridge. María does not consume salt or sugar."All too often we witness the negative effects forced change can have on indigenous peoples. It is refreshing to see a community that has retained strong links to its ancestral land and enjoyed the undeniable benefits of this" says Stephen Corry director of Survival International.
Stephen Corry, a British anthropologist and indigenous rights activist, is an expert on the status of the Indians of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil. As a director of Survival International he advocates for the protection of the way of life of South American indigenous peoples, particularly those that remain wilfully isolated from civilization.
Longevity is fairly common among people living in natural settings and away from the stress and pressures of city life. Last year, it was reported that Antisa Khvichava, a woman belonging to an ethnic Caucasian group from a remote location of Georgia, could be the oldest person alive at age 131. According to the reports she was bedridden, but enjoyed vodka and playing backgammon. Doubts about the accuracy of her claimed age surfaced when it was found that, based on her declared date of birth, she would have had her youngest child at the age of 60.
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