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article imageWill Nibiru Arrive In September With Comet Elenin?

By Steffan Ileman     Aug 30, 2011 in Science
As Comet Elenin approaches the earth, the 10th planet controversy heats up. A gnostic school in Washington State issues an advisory to its students to be prepared by September 15. Does the Comet conceal a greater menace to earth?
It was first Zecharia Sitchin, a scholar who studied ancient Sumerian legends, that hinted at the existence of a 10th planet in our solar system. According to legend, and its various interpretations, the earth was populated by a people from planet Nibiru that arrived on spaceships to mine gold. Why gold? Because it’s an ingredient for an elixir of immortality that made these beings the gods they were. The human race was genetically engineered by cloning monkeys and god material to work as slaves and worship their creators and the semi-gods they appointed to shepherd the slaves. That part of it is obvious.
According to conspiracy theorists NASA, the U.S. Government and others know about Nibiru that intrudes into our solar system every 3600 years, but cover it up to prevent panic or for other ulterior motives. Nibiru is said to be about 2-5 times the size of the earth with its own moons and a strong gravitational pull, a mini solar system. In other words, it could create havoc with the earth’s axis, cause enormous tidal waves, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, and all the catastrophes you’ve seen in the movie 2012. The tsunami in 2005, the Chile earthquake, and the recent earthquake-tsunami in Japan, are attributed to planetary alignments that disturbed the gravitational balance in the solar system.
The 3600 years will be up in 2012 if not earlier. The theory is supported by ancient Mayan, Egyptian and American Indian prophecies that predict the end of the world in 2012. The Hopi Indian Prophecy and the science behind it is explained in detail by Marshall Masters of Phoenix, Arizona, host of Your Own World Radio. Masters says the world elite and America's rich are preparing for a global cataclysm by building underground shelters, and you can also prepare in your own way. If you look at what's been happening around the world, he says, it's only prudent to do that. (see second video below)
According to RSE, a Gnostic school that studies paranormal phenomena in Yelm, Washington, the Comet Elenin conceals a darker secret, the 10th planet Nibiru, which will start threatening the earth sometime this September when it intrudes into the earth’s orbit around the sun. The school advised its students around the world to be prepared and to seek a safe place by September 15th. School’s director JZ Knight says they hope they’re wrong, but they’d rather err on the side of caution.
Comet Elenin was discovered last year by Leonard Elenin, a Russian astronomer , but even his findings are a subject of controversy.
We’ll see soon if there’s a big pudding in the sky.
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