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article imageOp-Ed: ‘The Conspiracy Files’ – 9/11 nonsense debunked

By Alexander Baron     Aug 29, 2011 in World
New York - Five years ago, the BBC screened an excellent programme that debunks some of the more palpable nonsense espoused by the 9/11 Truth Movement. It has just been rebroadcast on iplayer for the 10th anniversary of the day the world changed.
First and foremost, this excellent programme can be found here, but if you are unable to receive it, look out for it on YouTube; bits of it appear to be there already, but some of us have better things to do with our time than sort through dozens or hundreds of video segments.
The Oxford English Dictionary defines a conspiracy as a combination of persons for an evil or unlawful purpose, a definition that is broad enough to encompass almost all human activity. When most people use the word conspiracy though they mean, usually, something both illegal and secret, which is the definition we will use here.
Conspiracies have been an integral part of world history, from the murder of Caesar to the Gunpowder Plot to the ongoing phone hacking scandal which has to date led to the resignations of three senior police officers including the Commissioner – although it must be stressed that the Commissioner himself was not implicated in taking bribes or passing on information to journalists.
That being said, anyone who accuses police officers especially of being embroiled in a conspiracy will be sneered at, ridiculed, even portrayed as delusional. There is though a world of difference between drawing inferences from evidence and making wild and at times ludicrous allegations against the American Government from the humblest official right the way up to the man in the White House.
The Kennedy Assassination conspiracy industry was easily the most ludicrous until the atrocities of September 11, 2001. Although it is reasonable to postulate the claim that Oswald did not act alone, it is not reasonable to claim he didn’t pull the trigger, but there is very little that is either reasonable or rational about most of the ludicrous claims levelled by the 9/11 Truthers.
There has been a cover up in relation to 9/11, but only about the motives of the hijackers. This was not discussed in this documentary, which included “The loudest voice in the self-styled 9/11 Truth Movement” – Alex Jones.
Jones means well, no doubt about that, but he is incredibly gullible. Here, in relation to the execution of Osama Bin Laden, Jones is convinced he had been dead for years, the evidence for which comes from “our sources” meaning people who have been preying on his gullibility.
The government admits they staged events before, he says, with the inference that they must have staged this one. How about this instead, the government admits they staged events before, but the government can’t be trusted, therefore they didn’t stage this one? Hmm.
The irony is that Jones is himself regarded as a globalist shill in some of the murkier quarters of the conspiracy mongers, one reason being that he doesn’t see Jews under every bed. One piece of scurrilous gossip that was not mentioned here is the claim that 4,000 Jews did not turn up for work on the morning of September 11 in that part of Manhattan. At one time this would have been alluded to as rabid anti-Semitism, but there is a simpler explanation. Most Moslems don’t like the idea of their co-religionists being responsible for the greatest atrocity of the modern age outside of war, far better to blame the Illuminati, or the hated Zionists rather than the Islamists that genuine Moslems like Sahib Bleher and David Pidcock have no time for.
Returning to what actually did appear in the programme, all manner of prosaic explanations are given for supposedly sinister facts, like why the planes weren’t intercepted – easier said than done – and the non-mystery of the mysterious chemicals found in the debris of the Twin Towers.
What is perhaps surprising is some of the high powered academics who have fallen for the piffle of 9/11 Truth, like Emeritus Professor James Fetzer. At the other end of the scale is the not so academic but far more youthful Dylan Avery who confuses cause and effect. It is one thing to suggest that statists in the American Government are exploiting terrorism to turn America into a police state; it is quite another to suggest they stage atrocities to do so.
On the other hand, perhaps the endorsement of otherwise distinguished academics shouldn’t be so surprising, certainly not for those of us who have longer memories. One of the speakers at the January 1993 Global Deception Conference was Vladimir Terziski who boasted a BSc. in Physics and an MSc. in both Sociology and Electronics, as well as a belief that the British had landed on the Moon in the 1890s, and that a team of Nazis and Japanese had crash-landed a flying saucer on the planet Mars in 1945. Sigh.
Without the ridicule and satire that is sadly so often the response to this sort of lunatic conspiracy mongering, the BBC2 documentary disposes of the myths relating to United Airlines Flight 93, and also reveals that a university has produced a computer animation of the attack on the Pentagon which shows what actually happened.
The last word is left to Alex Jones: “If they kill me, they’ll turn me into a martyr”.
Again, he fails to see the ludicrousness of his claims: they killed the President of the United States. They killed three thousand people on September 11, but they can’t kill him because that will make him a martyr.
This is not paranoia, but delusions of grandeur.
[An excellent FAQ for The Conspiracy Files dated February 16, 2007 can be found here. It appears to include additional material such as the claim that 4,000 Jews did not turn up for work on that fateful day].
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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