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article imageOp-Ed: Manchester – united in triumph

By Alexander Baron     Aug 29, 2011 in Sports
If you thought 22 men running up and down trying to kick a ball into the back of a net was the waste of an afternoon, Arsène Wenger may just agree with you.
If Rugby is a hooligans’ game played by gentlemen, soccer is most definitely a gentlemens’ game played by hooligans – and the occasional murderess. Samuel Okocha has reported on the reaction of fans to the hammering Manchester United handed out to Arsenal, but he might have added that Manchester City handed out a thumping that was almost as impressive when they battered Tottenham 5-1 away. London may be capital, but not on the soccer pitch. Mr Okocha described the former as the worst defeat Arsenal had suffered in this new season; according to the BBC Breakfast news programme this morning, it was actually their worst defeat since 1896! The same commentator said manager Arsène Wenger is now the bookmakers’ favourite for the Premier League manager most likely to be fired next. Doesn’t that ever strike anyone as unfair? Why is it always the manager who gets the sack rather than the goalkeeper? After all, if he did his job to perfection, his team would never lose.
Mr Wenger was not the only person in hot water; Sky Sports commentator Tony Cascarino alluded to the massacre as a holocaust of a game; no doubt he will receive a stiff letter from Abraham Foxman in due course.
Writing on the club’s website, Mr Wenger apologised for the disappointing score line. Whatever his bosses decide, someone obviously has faith in both him and his club. The following message was received at 10.40am today:
“The Online Box Office is currently busy. You are waiting in a queue...
Please do not navigate away from this page, or you may lose your position in the queue.
Below is an estimate of how long you will have to wait before you are admitted.
Thank you for your patience.
Please ensure that your membership has a valid email address”
And eventually:
“Blackburn Rovers v Arsenal
Saturday 17th September 2011
Ewood Park
Barclays Premier League
Kick Off: 12.45pm
Arsenal Members - Adults - £35
Arsenal Members - Concession - £30 (16 and under or 65 and over)
Away Scheme Members - £30...
Non member - adults - £40
Non member - concession - £35”
Fifty quid and upwards to stand in a stadium dressed like a muppet and cheer on a bunch of blokes wearing shorts? Not on your nelly, sunshine. As for Manchester, the best thing that ever came out of there is the road back to Leeds. And Coronation Street, of course!
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