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article imageOp-Ed: Injustice in black and white

By Alexander Baron     Aug 25, 2011 in Crime
This week, the Socialist Workers Party reports on the case of the innocent black family raided by armed police, who later apologised, while Harold Covington remembers an innocent white family who weren’t so lucky.
The Socialist Workers Party and their fellow travellers are forever wailing about the perceived injustices suffered by minorities, often using manipulated or even totally bogus statistics, but the latest issue of Socialist Worker reports on a case with more substance, although as usual they couldn’t resist adding a few “facts” to beef up the story. In the wake of the riots, and at dead of night, police in Harlesden, North London, raided the home of Delroy Gardner where he, Leonie Reece and their three children were in bed.
According to the SWP’s Tom Walker – or the source he was parroting uncritically – “50 cops burst in and pointed guns in their faces.”
Delroy and Leonie were interviewed by the BBC, and it is clear from the accompanying video that it would have been a physical impossibility for 50 police – armed or otherwise – to have burst into their dwelling. The account given by the couple in this video is also markedly different from the SWP’s version, which means either that they gave an entirely different version to other media, or the SWP ad nauseum with its de rigueur disrespect for truth, put words in their mouths.
So why did this raid happen? Mr Gardner said it was a case of mistaken identity. That could be the case as happened to Dane Williamson, and undoubtedly that is what the police told him, but it is more likely that he was the victim of an anonymous and possibly malicious complaint. This sort of thing is inevitable with the advent of Crime Stoppers and other anonymous “whistle blowing” set ups.
Certainly the police did over-react, and erring on the side of caution cannot be used to justify this sort of behaviour. Why was it necessary to raid Mr Gardner in the dead of night? Why was it deemed necessary to raid him at all? While all such tip offs must be investigated, there is no need for this sort of heavy-handed response when there is no immediate threat to human life. The place could have been put under surveillance and the couple stopped in the street.
Although, uncharacteristically, Socialist Worker does not use the word racism in this report, the thought is never far away, thus turning to the broader issue of the riots the article quotes Mohammed, said to be a former prisoner:
“The system is discriminatory,” he added. “There is a much higher proportion of people from ethnic minority backgrounds in prison than white people.”
Or it could be that black criminals are more stupid than white ones; here’s a tip for Mohammed, follow the example of the Prophet whose name you took – peace be upon him – and you won’t have to worry about the discriminatory prison system anymore.
In spite of the blatant dishonesty of the SWP, there is a serious issue here, although as usual, they miss the point. On this week’s Radio Free Northwest podcast, Harold Covington’s regular guest Axis Sally relates the tale of Randy Weaver and Ruby Ridge. In August 1992, Weaver’s wife and daughter were murdered by agents of the Federal Government - there is no way of sanitising that statement. The Siege of Ruby Ridge was the culmination of an entrapment operation that went tragically wrong, or perhaps not so tragically if the intention was to destroy Randy Weaver and people like him whose biggest crime is to distrust the American Government. Weaver was also a White Separatist, an ideology that doesn’t go down too well with the establishment in the US of A, in Britain, or anywhere else for that matter. What was that about the racist capitalist system? After a series of criminal trials in which the biggest proven criminal was the government and its agents, Weaver and his family would eventually receive a seven figure settlement.
One fact to which the SWP and their fellow travellers close their eyes, wilfully, is that White Separatists and their fellow travellers are persecuted far more vigorously by “the system” than any minorities, including the SWP. Could that be because the average police officer or Federal agent recognises them for the useful idiots they are?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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