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Floyd Mayweather: 'Obnoxious Persona is Just an Act'

By Paul Magno     Aug 25, 2011 in Sports
Boxing cash cow Floyd Mayweather goes on the record, claiming that his "Money" persona is just an act and that his club-hopping reputation is actually a calculated promotional campaign.
According to documents obtained by the celebrity gossip site, TMZ, Floyd Mayweather laid out several personal details, including the real story behind his "Money" persona and the explanation for his apparent unwillingness to cooperate with the court-ordered depositions in his pending defamation battle with Manny Pacquiao.
The frustrating no-shows have become downright infuriating to Pacquiao's legal team, especially since Mayweather seemingly had no good reason for missing them and, on a couple of occasions, was seen living it up at nightclubs on the same day of the blown-off depositions.
Mayweather, in the previously mentioned documents, explained the situation by saying that his rampant nightclubbing was actually "not random acts of partying, but calculated promotional events designed to appeal to his fan base and maintain his public presence." As such, his promotional responsibilities prevented him from attending the court dates.
The former five-division world champ also went on to state that his abrasive "Money" character was little more than a created persona, used to garner attention and sell fights.
"If even those who dislike him are willing to pay for the privilege of watching the fight" Mayweather stated, referring to his "character" in the third person, "he is more profitable."
Mayweather also declared that, aside from not being the cocky, arrogant brat who "makes it rain" at clubs, he is actually a clean-living, responsible athlete who "does not drink, smoke or take drugs."
Pacquiao is currently suing Mayweather, as well as Floyd Mayweather Sr. and uncle, Roger Mayweather, for statements made regarding the Filipino star and the alleged use of performance enhancing drugs.
Most recently, Pacquiao's legal team sought an immediate judgment against Mayweather and assessment of damages due to the fighter's unwillingness to attend the mandatory, court ordered depositions.
Mayweather is currently in training for his upcoming bout against Victor Ortiz on September 12 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for Ortiz's WBC welterweight title.
Pacquiao will be fighting two months later, closing out a trilogy with Mexico's Juan Manuel Marquez, November 12, also at the MGM Grand.
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