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A Georgia pooch dined on a meal of $10,000 worth of diamonds

By Paul Magno     Aug 24, 2011 in Lifestyle
A jewelery store owner's lovable pet chows down $10,000 worth of precious stones, resulting in world's most valuable bowel movement.
When co-owner of Albany, Georgia's John Ross jewelers, Chuck Roberts, left four plastic bags of loose diamonds on his desk in order to attend to some clients, little did he expect a jewel heist from his own trusted, yet hungry, pooch, Honey Bun.
After taking care of the customers, Roberts came back to his work station to find only three bags of the precious stones...and one empty pouch lying on the floor.
"I left the chair where you could jump up on my chair and jump up on my desk," Roberts said. "I looked all over and there weren't no diamonds, so immediately, I knew he'd eaten them."
Honey Bun was taken to a nearby x-ray facility to make sure he was the culprit, but carbon doesn't show up on x-rays and nothing was really confirmed. Some blank spots showed spaces where the diamonds could've been, but nothing could be confirmed until the following day's afternoon constitution.
Much to the delight of the worried jeweler, Honey Bun produced a diamond studded surprise and all was well in the world.
Honey Bun got a clean bill of health, the diamonds were steam cleaned and sent back to the supplier, and Roberts learned a valuable lesson-- Never leave shiny kibbles and bits within a hungry dog's reach.
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