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Op-Ed: The true story of a child’s love for a dog

By Ernest Dempsey     Aug 22, 2011 in World
Kirkland - Losing hope in humanity? Here’s the cordial for the spirit—a kid setting an example for those who don’t know what care means.
We never fall short of chicken soup, or love soup, for the soul. New stories of love and care rekindle our faith in hope—hope for the world to be an earthly heaven someday. And who else but a child leads!
The story of Mr. B is a fresh illustration of this hope. Shared on, it tells about a dog spotted by Paul Wu of Kirkland, Washington, in his driveway. The dog acted like it demanded Wu’s immediate attention, not letting him just drive away. It was then that Wu found a bag hanging around the dog’s neck and containing some money and a note. It was from a kid, not named, and it told that the dog’s name was Mr. B, a 6-year-old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.
The note told that Mr. B was a good boy and liked kids, but not other dogs. Though he was loved, he could not be home anymore because the kid’s parents were divorcing and the dog was to be sent to a pound. Out of concern for his dear friend, the kid put his birthday money in a bag and this note and hung it around Mr. B’s neck, letting it out to seek a home, hoping he’ll have a better chance at some good home instead of a pound.
Wu got help from his colleague Robert Kuchcinski, a father of three kids, who took Mr. B home. Also, he took Mr. B to a vet to get some treatment for a few minor treatments. Now Mr. B has found a good home where he will be taken care of and be safe from abuse or neglect. Wu and Kuchcinski are heroes. But the real hero is the kid’s innocent heart that never forgot its vulnerable friend in the hardest of times.
In a world of self-centeredness where the earthlings are sucked in by the frequently chosen, egoistic route of life, we still have these pure human hearts—the hearts of kids caring about innocence and the helpless. One can only imagine what the world will be like if we let the kids teach us morals, and not the other way around.
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