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article imageLibya's rebels take control of Green Square in Tripoli

By Gemma Fox     Aug 21, 2011 in World
Tripoli - Rebels in Libya, fighting to free the country from the hold of Gaddafi's regime, have finally entered Tripoli, signalling the end of the Colonel's hold on the country.
For six months the rebels in Libya have fought to take key positions around Libya with the ultimate goal being Tripoli and tonight the rebels entered the city, taking over Green Square and showing the world that the regime's hold on Libya is almost over.
Meeting little resistance as they entered the capital city of Tripoli the rebels made steady progress through the streets arriving at Green Square.
Sky News has had correspondent Alex Crawford on the scene and she has travelled through Tripoli with the rebels. As rebels entered the city she told Sky News, "These scenes are amazing - there are hundreds of people who have come out onto the streets to greet this convoy of rebel soldiers.
"You can hear them singing and dancing, it is an amazing scene.
"We are now just a very short distance from the centre, with more and more people are coming onto the streets.
"They (the rebels) had been expecting much more resistance but there has been very little."
"There is absolutely no question in their minds that they have beaten Gaddafi and it is just a question of how he will go."
Gunfire littered the air, not from battle but from celebrations. Gaddafi has made pleas today for people to defend Tripoli. He said he would remain in the city until the end.
Earlier the Libyan government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim was sent out to make a statement. He said, "Tripoli is well protected and we have thousands upon thousands of professional soldiers ready to defend this city against any possible invasion by rebels under the cover of Nato.
"What is happening now and what is going to happen is not the power of the rebels."It is the power of Nato - a major force for evil that has no heart, using armed gangs to occupy a whole nation."
Libyan rebels in Tripoli s central square.
Libyan rebels in Tripoli's central square.
Al Jazeera live stream
The International Criminal Court confirmed that Saif Al-Islam, son of Muammar Gaddafi, has been detained.
Libyan's inside Green Square pulled down regime flags and fired at posters of Gaddafi. Reports from the Rixos hotel in Tripoli where foreign media were obliged to stay said that guards loyal to the regime had fled.
In London Libyan's began celebrations as they watched their country be freed from 42 years of Gaddafi control.
Mohammad Gaddafi, eldest son of the dictator, who runs the Libyan Olympic Committee has been detained by opposition forces and is under house arrest.
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