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article imageOp-Ed: Would you start exercising and lose weight if you had some energy

By Thomas Amshay     Aug 21, 2011 in Health
This has stunned me for years: A lot of otherwise bright people avoid information about taking care of themselves. For the most part it's because even though they know they should, they don't.
It can be unsettling to read about illness, but it's just as uncomfortable to read about prevention. If you're fat you are living a lifestyle that has no positives for your health or longevity, and it will catch up with you sooner than you would like. Still, look at all the fat people.
I've been writing about exercise and nutrition a long time, and I have never, ever seen any research that even hints at being fat and sedentary having a positive outcome. It's like, DUH !
Chicago Sun Timestalks about how much money U.S.A. baby boomers are predicted to spend on anti-aging products and procedures.
I embrace anti-aging strategies such as cosmetic surgery, skin creams, and hormone replacement. But they should be, in my opinion, fall-back protocols, because a face-lift has no influence on fat, weak bodies that are frail and susceptible to disease and injury. Wrinkles don't kill you, bad habits kill you.
My opinion has always been the best anti-aging approach is being proactive -- and that means exercise and nutrition. There simply is nothing as safe and effective.
You don't have to be old and unhealthy to look that way: A middle age guy with a Ferrari, big belly, double chin, and a sickly complexion is still just a fat old guy no matter what he's driving. And that crosses the gender barrier.
In the U.S.A. the latest numbers show, according to Jeff Levi, Ph.D., executive director, Trust for America's Health (TFAH):
"Today, the state with the lowest obesity rate would have had the highest rate in 1995. There was a clear tipping point in our national weight gain over the last twenty years, and we can't afford to ignore the impact obesity has on our health and corresponding health care spending" Full article
Look. I know some fat people are out of control and need psychological help with their eating. And others have physical problems that make them fat. None of the above or below applies to them.
Beauty comes from within ... no it doesn't ! Does your inner beauty make you feel proud of your fat belly hanging over your waistband? Today fat people are the majority, but that hasn't made it cool or beautiful.
Assuming that you're but would rather be thin, let me first give you the bad news: The only way you can look and feel your best is through exercise and nutrition. You can lose weight by not eating, but you'll just be a thin out-of-shape person. If that's all you want, have at it. Otherwise read on.
A fat out-of-shape person will almost always say they don't have enough energy to exercise. That's often true because their dietary choices have semi-destroyed their metabolism. In that case it can require desperate measures.
There are over-the-counter dietary supplements that can boost your energy so you can become active and start burning fat. The supplements are stimulants that work on the central nervous system and so they are only for short term use, and then only if your health care team signs off on them. And they won't work unless you start eating like an educated person.
I don't know if doctors still prescribe speed (amphetamines). But some fat people might prefer them to OTC stimulants. Personally I'd chose the latter.
Don't use OTCs as party drugs or to get enough energy to make it through the day while not changing your bad lifestyle habits that made you fat in the first place.
You're welcome to contact me for more information, or to yell at me because you think I'm mean.
Remember — get an annual physical. Information presented by Thomas Amshay is for education only and not meant to cure, guide treatment, or take the place of a licensed health practitioner. Consult your health care team before starting any exercise program, diet, or supplement.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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