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article imageOp-Ed: The civil unrest – who rioted, and who didn’t

By Alexander Baron     Aug 20, 2011 in Politics
An analysis of the racial origins of the rioters leads to some unsurprising conclusions which we must not allow the politically correct left to make taboo.
When the riots kicked off in Tottenham after the shooting of Mark Duggan, no one of a certain age was surprised. We were taken aback by the intensity of the savagery, and the at times sickening depravity of the rioters, but not by the fact that it happened, where it happened, or who was involved.
Although it was far from the most inhumane such incident, the mistreatment of Malaysian student and tourist Ashraf Rossli was particularly sickening, not only because part of it was captured on film but because he suffered at the hands of two entirely separate gangs in quick succession.
What is perhaps surprising is that there appear to have been no reported rapes – gang rapes or other – resulting specifically from the riots. Although as usual, the majority of the violence and looting was perpetrated by males, overwhelming under the age of thirty, and certainly under forty, the loony feminists who are forever complaining about the evils of sexism appear to have scored an own goal; just as female violence including gang-related violence is rising in Western society as a whole, so did women and girls play an active part in the recent outrages.
The involvement of black youth in kick starting the proceedings was predictable; this was not “black people” but specifically black youth. They were soon joined by white youths who emerse themselves in the gang/rap culture, and in some areas by all white gangs, including the anarchist “black bloch” element who had entirely different reasons for throwing bricks at the police, but there was a complete absence of Hassidic Jews, and no brown faces at all.
On August 14, the Times Of India reported that of over a thousand rioters arrested, none to date was of Asian origin. There will surely be the dishonourable exception, but that make up is not likely to change, and it is not accidental. There is probably no single reason for this; the fact that Asians and similar minorities own the majority of small retail outlets in Britain probably has something to do it, but Asians, be they Moslems or other, have something most blacks don’t, certainly in this country, and which decreasing numbers of whites have, strong, extended family ties and traditional values.
The historian David Starkey was branded racist because he claimed black “culture” was responsible for the gang violence, and that the whites who had participated in it had become black. His remarks, on live TV, led to hundreds of complaints. Okay, you’ve called him racist, now what? Starkey may not have chosen his words well, but he was alluding specifically to the black gang culture and mentality. There is actually nothing wrong with gangs or being a member of one, but there are gangs and gangs, and by the same token there is culture and there is culture. Scott Joplin is black culture, someone and something we call all appreciate; Eddie Murphy is black culture; but so too is the mindless violence that is perpetuated and glorified by a certain type of rap music, what Louis Farrakhan called “the glorification of the gun”.
Farrakhan made this telling remark 15 years ago; if it was all right for him to say it then, it is even more important for all of us to understand this message now. Furthermore, it ill behoves the likes of Darcus Howe to condemn either Starkey or the police or white society as racist – whatever that is supposed to mean - while at the same time they condone or excuse the destruction and murder visited on their own people, and indeed on all the rest of us.
These are issues that have to be tackled, not by simply throwing money at them, and not by marginalising or shutting out completely people who tell us unpalatable truths. There is a large and growing underclass in Britain and throughout the Western world; essential financial reforms have to be made in order to liberate that underclass, but membership of that underclass is not and must not ever be a licence for anti-social activity, least of all extreme violence and the physical destruction of the communities in which they and the rest of us dwell.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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