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article imageTopFinds: Fighting Somalia's famine, iPhone 5 rumors

By David Silverberg     Aug 19, 2011 in Internet
Fundraisers across the world, including Toronto, seek to give aid to Somalians enduring a horrific famine. A man has been jailed for knowingly giving women herpes. When will the iPhone 5 be released? These are the top stories making headlines.
As we do every week on Friday, we've collected the top stories (as voted by you) and compiled them on one page. Our Digital Journalists covered the fundraisers to assist Somalia aid, the sordid tale of a man knowingly spreading herpes to his partners, an overview of the rumoured iPhone 5 and many other stories.
We also highlight some of major topics Digital Journalists have been covering recently. Note you can see the trending topics at the top of any page on, under the category bar. They are changing constantly to reflect what people are reading on the site.

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We also want to introduce you to our special 9/11 project, outlined here. Anyone can contribute their stories and recollections of 9/11, either on Facebook or on Digital Journal. This initiative will run until Sept. 12.
Here's one example of what we're looking for: KJ Mullins wrote about how 9/11 has affected her.

Top Digital Journal Reports

iPhone 5 rumors hint at October release (Includes interview) by Camden Yorke
Rumors of the release of Apple's highly anticipated iPhone 5 have been floating about the Internet since last year, but recent changes to the details of said rumors have iPhone fanatics in a frenzy.
Leonard Nimoy at a Las Vegas convention in 2011.
Leonard Nimoy at a Las Vegas convention in 2011.
Leonard Nimoy says goodbye forever at Star Trek convention (Includes interview and first-hand account) by Jay David Murphy
Saturday brought out the biggest crowd in recent memory in anticipation of Leonard Nimoy retiring from doing fan conventions.
Feed Somalia subway drive raises funds for famine relief (Includes interview and first-hand account) by Farid Abdulhamid
The campaign to feed Somalia’s starving hit Toronto’s underground as an energetic team of young volunteers descended on the TTC subway system to raise much-needed funds for their famine ravaged homeland.
Missing Albatross wreckage found in South African mountains (Includes interview) by Christopher Szabo
The search for two missing Albatross aircraft that went missing Sunday in South Africa’s northern Limpopo Province has ended with the discovery of both wrecks in mountainous terrain.
The Socially Networked Future of International Diplomacy (Includes first-hand account) by Robert Onley
Well before entering political office, tomorrow's world leaders are meeting, talking and sharing --right now-- using social networks, with serious implications for our future global order.

Top Images

Infantry in tactical positions before clearing a building.
Infantry in tactical positions before clearing a building.
Crowds swelled by the Friday as fine weather helped to keep campers dry at Cropredy Festival in Oxfo...
Crowds swelled by the Friday as fine weather helped to keep campers dry at Cropredy Festival in Oxfordshire, England
Toronto gears up for this year s Buskerfest with a special annual event for kids!
Toronto gears up for this year's Buskerfest with a special annual event for kids!
Community group banging the drums during India Day in Toronto.
Community group banging the drums during India Day in Toronto.

In the Media

Great white shark's remains to be displayed in Halifax museum by Andrew Ardizzi
The remnants of a great white shark caught in the Bay of Fundy off the coast of Nova Scotia will soon find a permanent home in the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History.
Op-Ed: Grievous bodily sex – man gaoled for giving lover herpes by Alexander Baron
A man who gave his girlfriend herpes has ended up in gaol in a new twist to an old story that goes back to the early Twentieth Century.
Pastor of megachurch Zachery Tims found dead in New York hotel by Cynthia Trowbridge
Zachery Tims, a 42-year-old senior pastor of Florida megachurch New Destiny Christian Center, was found dead in a hotel room in New York last Friday August 12.
Op-Ed: TV can kill you, at a rate of 22 minutes per hour by Paul Wallis
Nobody would be terribly surprised if research discovered that TV can literally bore people to death. The new research equates TV with tobacco and obesity. After the age of 25, it can take time off your life.
Israeli researchers attach world's smallest GPS on fruit bats by Andrew Moran
Scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have attached the world's smallest GPS on Egyptian fruit bats to conduct the first-ever comprehensive study in order to understand mammal navigation.
Viking massacre find proves medieval story by Christopher Szabo
Archaeologists in England have found evidence of a massacre recorded 1,000 years ago when an Anglo-Saxon king ordered all Danish Vikings in his realm to be killed and it now seems the chronicles have been proven right.
The search for alien life continues, donations revive SETI by Andrew Moran
After a 45-day campaign called SETIStars, the SETI Institute was able to receive $200,000 from a flood of worldwide donors, including Academy-Award winning actress Jodie Foster. SETI will continue its search for extraterrestrials in our universe.
Companion of new missing girl in Aruba has huge temper by Joan Firstenberg
Gary Giordano, the man now suspected in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner, a Maryland woman, in Aruba, reportedly has an explosive temper. Giordano was detained last week by Aruban authorities.
Investors push Nintendo to start making games for iPhone by Camden Yorke
With Nintendo sales plummeting, investors are urging the company to jump ship and partner with Apple in an effort to remain competitive.
CNN host Anderson Cooper's laughing fit caught on live TV by David Silverberg
During a segment about an actor who urinated on an airplane floor, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper devolved into giggles after he joked about the Gerard Depardieu incident. He regained his composure after a full minute of laughing hysterically.
US Olympic athlete accused of urinating on child in airplane by Vincent Sobotka
An elite American Olympic athlete was detained by a flight crew during a cross-country flight after allegedly urinating on a young child.
Op-Ed: Will Juan Manuel Marquez beat Manny Pacquiao for the third time? by Leo Reyes
Don't be misled by the title of the article. But yes, Juan Manuel Marquez has been saying all along that he had beaten Manny Pacquiao twice in their past two encounters.

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