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article imageList of best small towns in America is out, but arguments abound

By Joan Firstenberg     Aug 16, 2011 in Lifestyle
Who's to say where the best places to live are in any country? CNN, Money and Fortune combined on this one to decide on the 10 best small towns in America. They also did a list of the 100 best. But not everyone agrees.
The survey conducted by CNN, Money and Fortune judged small towns on what they perceived to be the qualities that American families care about the most. Those included excellent job opportunities, top-notch schools, safety, economic strength, pleasant weather, and amount of activities. These were the small towns that came out on the top-ten list.
1. Louisville, Colorado
2. Milton, Massachusetts
3. Solon, Ohio
4. Leesburg, Virginia
5. Papillion, Nebraska
6. Hanover, New Hampshire
7. Liberty, Missouri
8. Middleton, Wisconsin
9. Mukilteo, Washington
10. Chanhassen, Minnesota
But there are some questions about their choices along with nasty comments.
"Not ONE city in South Carolina, yet we have one of the highest population growth....huh, we must not vote the way CNN wants us to...conservatives who have left their high tax states have moved here, I tell people all the time. the reason you don't live in Greenville ,SC, is you've never visited....People who visit, end up living here"
"Sure these people (in Colorado) are living well,So they think with their 10% down and their leased Autos, I live in Colorado its a Loaners Paradise. Its all about keeping up with the Jones here in Colorful Colorado."
Al Castillo
"There isn't a perfect place in this world!
SE states have a humid and HOT weather. The NE is beautiful but the winters are a killing issue, NW is wonderful but rainy. SW is too expensive. And the central region has to do with the Tornadoes. If somebody find the PERFECT and Ideal place to live with all you want, just let me know."
Ian Zachary Theisen,
So this is not a true Top 100. More like popularity contest. Could you please tell me how Columbia,MD goes from number 2 in the US in 2010, to not making top 100 in 2011. Apparently the top ranked public school system in the US isn't worth a top 100 spot...
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