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article imageLeonard Nimoy says goodbye forever at Star Trek convention Special

By Jay David Murphy     Aug 14, 2011 in Entertainment
Las Vegas - Saturday brought out the biggest crowd in recent memory in anticipation of Leonard Nimoy retiring from doing fan conventions.
Costume day is always a big day at the Official Las Vegas Star Trek Convention. And when historical Trek moments happen the fans always show up in big numbers. All there were anticipating the afternoon with Leonard Nimoy and the costume friendly fans came out by the hundreds.
Brent Spiner spreads a little verbal retribution Jonathan Frakes way during his time on stage at the...
Brent Spiner spreads a little verbal retribution Jonathan Frakes way during his time on stage at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.
The speaking schedule was packed for Saturday starting with a Next Generation panel followed by a Klingon bash and a rare appearance of Terry Ferrall who played Dax on Deep Space Nine. The Klingons in full costume and character played it up. They danced, chased fans, and had a great deal of fun with their rap song throwing some Klingon opera for good measure.
Following their antics, Brent Spiner came on and wasted no time in throwing barbs back at Jonathan Frakes who had launched a joke attack at the expense of Spiner on Friday. Spiner took his time and relished his picture on the main banner and rubbing in the absence of Frakes from it.
He spoke about the dinner that William Shatner had Friday night in Vegas in which he as well as others were treated to. He went on to plug his web series on youtube called Fresh Hell which has five new episodes, he said,"I call it a sit-trag." Finishing his time he mentioned that he just finished an episode of the Simpsons last week.
Kate Mulgrew brings a new career twist to light and makes the ladies of the house shed a tear at the...
Kate Mulgrew brings a new career twist to light and makes the ladies of the house shed a tear at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.
Kate Mulgrew followed with the announcement of her new 15 minute series for Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network to start playing Thursdays at 12:15. The series is a spoof of all the formal dramas calling itself NTSF SD SUV. As she got into the meat of her time with fans without failure tears flowed when a female fan thanked Kate for her strong portrayal of a female in a leadership position.
After a lunch intermission the afternoon belonged to Leonard Nimoy appearing for his second to last time ever at a convention with his retirement announcement. He came well prepared to provide closure for fans and himself.
He stood at the podium and took the fans through his history through story, poetry, and photos. His opening was great, playing the video he did with Bruno Mars, it could not have been more appropriate.
From his childhood, to train he took to Hollywood, selling insurance, to cleaning fish tanks, and driving a cab in LA were he had JFK as passenger who left Nimoy with a bit of wisdom "there is always room for one more good one."
He stayed on format covering stories from his first films, television jobs, and theater experiences. Then he spoke about highlights from Star Trek and the remainder of his career.
Leonard Nimoy at a Las Vegas convention in 2011.
Leonard Nimoy at a Las Vegas convention in 2011.
He told the fans the origin of the Vulcan hand sign came from his Jewish childhood. Then the story of having to evacuate one convention with the help of the fire department and a story of mysterious phone calls to him while on a college speaking engagement in Wyoming.
Having gone to UCLA to study photography he spoke at length about this passion which has lead to three photo books, pictures hanging in museums, and a few stories relating to them.
He came upon the end of his time wrapping up with his later directorial and acting career, he also took a moment to reflect on Deforest Kelly, William Shatner, and James Dohan.
As he attempted to say a final farewell his voice cracked and the tears came. The last words he said was "live long and prosper." It became evident at the end that Leonard Nimoy had chosen to bow out while still on top and a desire to do so honorably and selflessly by sharing the moment with fans.
This is one fan who thanks him and wishes him to continue to live long and prosper.
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