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article imageHistorical moments at the Las Vegas Official Star Trek Convention Special

By Jay David Murphy     Aug 14, 2011 in Entertainment
Las Vegas - Friday Walter Koenig, Chekov talked about his star on the boulevard. Saturday Lenard Nimoy, Spock gave a tearful goodbye as he retires from conventions.
After almost a decade at the Las Vegas Hilton, Creation Entertainment moved the Official Las Vegas Star Trek Convention to the Rio Hotel on the west side of the Strip. The facilities and services were similar but it was obvious that the Rio Hotel was out to earn Creations business. The main auditorium was a nice step up providing a true stage and excellent acoustics. The audio for the facility was a really nice change from years past and came in handy when the audience ballooned to over 5,000 when Lenard Nimoy came on stage to say farewell Saturday.
The convention highlights on Thursday were guest speakers Garett Wang, Ensign Harry Kim from Voyager and Dominic Keating as Malcolm Reed along with Connor Trinneer as Trip from Enterprise the last incarnation of aTrek television serial. The end of the evening closed on the roof of the Rio Hotel at Voodoo.
Friday the convention began to get up to warp drive with Walter Koenig in the morning sporting a white fedora hat. He fired right up on the question of his Russian accent and how thats led him to have "a new hate for bloggers." He commented that bloggers and not been kind him. This was really true to his nature of being just a little bit dark and brooding, personally observing him over years of conventions.
Walter Koenig addressing the audience at the 2011 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.
Walter Koenig addressing the audience at the 2011 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.
But there was an a different course for his time speaking to fans, he was very thankful for his career and Star Trek and the opportunity it gave him to have an acting career. He spoke about his four-way heart bypass surgery and said that he was grateful for the all the support he got for getting his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He said officials told him they "had received letters every week for two years."
Jonathan Frakes was the featured guest in the afternoon and he spent very little time before he got into jabbing at Brent Spiner saying that he was glad to get out of the autograph room with Brent because he was driving him nuts. His attacks on Spiner elevated to the banner which had Brents face but not his. It was all in good fun.
Frakes has been on a career high Directing Leverage which continues to be a leading TNT program for another year.
Jonathan Frakes plays the Joker card as he laughs it up at the expense of Trek cast members.
Jonathan Frakes plays the Joker card as he laughs it up at the expense of Trek cast members.
As Frakes took questions from audience members as he moved around the hall, going into the audience for the better part of his time on stage. This really got the fans fired up and a good time was had by all. Next year will be 25 years since he first appeared on Next Generation, Gene Roddenberry's second incarnation of the Star Trek television series.
Eugene Roddenberry also had his time with the audience to announce that Trek Nation will air in November. This four year project is his personal documentary of his fathers life, career, and the effect he has had on the world around him. That was just one of several projects his is coming out with that include a new animated series, another Missing comic book, and the Roddenberry Dive Teams membership drive.
The new space, the 45th year celebration , and excellent speakers has really lived up to fans expectations. Evident again this year is the huge spike in female attendance. Since the 2009 movie there has been a noticeable surge in women attending the convention.
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