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Music teacher, doll, bridge, sex. Misdemeanor

By Gar Swaffar     Aug 12, 2011 in Crime
Spring Hill - Daniel Torroll is perhaps not the average music teacher. Nor would Mr. Torroll's penchant for recreation under bridges be considered mainstream either.
Daniel Torroll chose a bridge near Allendale Elementary School to assuage his carnal desires on a 'child-like' doll (part of the police description) on Thursday last. Unfortunately for the fully naked teacher he was still completely visible from the street leading to the elementary school. The doll had holes cut into it.
Also, in what might be considered the most fortunate occurrence, the escapade appears to have been witnessed by a local police officer.
As reported at Mr. Torroll who is 56 yrs. old told a News 2 reporter "I happened to be there I didn't know it was school property. I wouldn't be there if I knew it was school property,"
Torroll was not booked into jail and was issued a misdemeanor citation for public indecency. Mr. Torroll is not associated with Allendale Elementary School nor is he associated with the Montessori School of Franklin as his website claimed before his website was taken offline. However Mr. Torroll's MySpace page for his band is still online at this time .
Torroll is a private music teacher with students ranging in age from as young as seven and as old as twelve, for now. No mention has been made of his ability to retain his teaching business.
In the video (poor quality) from News 2 Mr. Torroll states "[Police] came here and looked [through my home]. There was nothing here. There was no child porn. I have two kids myself,"
Mr. Torroll also made a statement regarding his inability to control his need for self gratification and suggested the cause for the manifestation is linked to his self diagnosed ADD (attention deficit disorder) In a satement made by Mr. Torroll, he suggested the police had searched his home and found no evidence of child porn. Mr Torroll is of course innocent until he pleads guilty or is found guilty sometime after his first court appearance on Sept 2 of this year.
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