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article imageWill the Democratic Party support a primary challenger to Obama?

By Michael Krebs     Aug 9, 2011 in Politics
With markets crashing worldwide in the wake of the US downgrade, and with many Liberal agendas abandoned by the White House, rumbles about a Democratic primary challenger to President Obama are emerging.
As President Obama continues to alienate his vocal Liberal base, some of the more progressive leaning Democrats are beginning to share their desire to see a Democratic primary challenger to President Obama. But would the Democratic Party support a primary challenger if one should emerge?
Harold Meyerson, writing for the Washington Post, does not believe President Obama will face a primary challenge.
"President Obama is faring poorly these days, but he can console himself with the fact that he’ll probably be spared the fate of previous presidents who fell on hard times: a primary challenge," Meyerson wrote last week. "Those groups within the Democratic Party that might otherwise be shopping around for a more forthrightly progressive alternative are deterred by two factors: the likelihood that any challenge will end up helping a radicalized Republican Party and the fact that Obama is black."
But don't tell that to Ralph Nader. The well known consumer advocate and persistent third party candidate insists he will find a Democrat with progressive principals to challenge President Obama in 2012.
“I would guess that the chances of there being a challenge to Obama in the primary are almost 100 percent,” Nader said in an interview with the Conservative web site The Daily Caller.
100 percent is a pretty strong figure, but who could emerge to challenge Obama. Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh believes Democratic Party strategists are looking for another Hillary Clinton. Mr. Limbaugh sees the matter as one of overall job performance.
“If you think that the Democratic Party is not thinking about Hillary Clinton as a primary opponent to Obama, you are not thinking,” Limbaugh said on Monday, according to The Daily Caller. “Folks, if Hillary Clinton were president right now and the same circumstances existed, they would be thinking about Obama primarying her.”
But perhaps the most concrete evidence of a primary challenger in the backdrop of Democratic discontent with President Obama has come from California, where Democratic Party progressives have passed a resolution seeking a primary challenge to Obama.
Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Bernal is openly pushing for an alternative to the Obama presidency.
"Our silence is a price that's too high to pay," Bernal told the San Francisco Chronicle.
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