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article imageJake Gyllenhaal reveals the truth of the 'Source Code' Special

By Earl Dittman     Aug 8, 2011 in Entertainment
From his critically-acclaimed performance in 'Brokeback Mountain' to the action/adventure of his latest sci-fi film, 'Source Code' (now on Blu-ray/DVD) the L.A.-born actor has fashioned himself a strong, lengthy career that will garner him ton of awards.
Nattily dressed in a baby blue sports shirt, dark charcoal suit and no tie, Jake Gyllenhaal is one leading man who goes out of his way to dress normally or like a part of the crowd. He does not go out of his way to be the center of attention. His chooses to remain in the background, and a lot of that may have a lot to do with the fact that he comes from a movie family -- his father, Stephen Gyllenhaal, his mother, producer/screenwriter Naomi Foner and the brother of Batman Begins actress Maggie Gyllenhaal (they co-starred together with played with his sister in Donnie Darko). "I just like to go out there and just do my job," the 31-year-old admits. "I just don't see it as being very beneficial to me to talk about my private life or my acting techniques. Working in front of the camera or onstage is what you need to build your strength and abilities as an actor or personal life. It kind of has a negative effect on who I am playing."
Jake Gyllenhaal & Michelle Monaghan in  Source Code
Jake Gyllenhaal & Michelle Monaghan in 'Source Code'
Starting his career off with amazing, critically-acclaimed performances in 1999's October Day, Donnie Darko and Moonlight Mile followed by the apocalyptic, world disaster flick The Day After Tomorrow, the press-shy Jake began to develop a career that was off to winning start. While he proved he had the kind of box office clout to play the leading man in Number One motion pictures, his next film, Brokeback Mountain, would demonstrate he was an award-caliber actor and a favorite with the critics. Co-starring with Heath Ledger in a heartbreaking movie about 1960s male cowboys who fall in love with each other, he received unanimous worldwide praise. While Ledger won practically every Best Actor statuette he was nominated for, (both before and after his accidental overdose) Gyllenhaal did almost as well in the Best Supporting Actor category -- he would win a BAFTA (British Oscar) and a MTV Movie Award and would be nominated for Brokeback Mountain by the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild Award to name just a few. Jake was now an actor that could chose his own projects and the studios had the confidence to cast him in the male leading roles of high-dollar, sword and sandal blockbuster fare such as Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. After Prince Of Persia, Gyllenhaal added several more blockbuster and cult hit films to his credit -- Brothers, Rendition, Love An The Other Drugs, Zodiac and Jarhead -- before his recent action-thriller, Source Code. Directed by the filmmaker behind Moon, Duncan Jones, the cinematic son of rock 'n' roll icon David Bowie, the Source Code is a sci-fi ride to the extremes of excitement. Jake Gyllenhaal headlines the sci-fi time-travel thriller as Captain Colter Stevens.
Jake Gyllenhaal & Michelle Monaghan travel back in time in  Source Code
Jake Gyllenhaal & Michelle Monaghan travel back in time in 'Source Code'
As the film begins, a bomb explodes on a downtown Chicago train, derailing the locomotive and killing hundreds of riders. In an attempt to identify the bomber and prevent another, larger attack on downtown Chicago, Captain Stevens, initially, agrees to take part in a clandestine government experiment dubbed "Source Code" -- headed by a determined scientist (Jeffrey Wright). The "Source Code" system allows the Captain to enter the body of an anonymous male passenger for just eight minutes before the train blows-up and the man is killed. During his first few trips back, Captain Stevens has trouble gathering enough information to prevent the second attack. But, the government official (Vera Farmiga) he talks to before and after every mission seems to be hiding something important or seemingly vital about the mission. And, when he wants to try and save a girl he has grown fond of (Michelle Monaghan), they refuse to give it a thought. With time quickly running out, he repeats the mission ad nauseam in a desperate race to head off one of the most deadly terrorist attacks ever to take place on American soil. Armed with the task of identifying the bomber of a Chicago commuter train, Colter must re-live in the incident over and over again, gathering clues until he can solve the mystery, and in one way or another they are all involved in being a part of an experimental government program -- to disarm a terrorist and a secret that will change his life forever.
Gyllenhaal, incredibly tight-lipped about his personal life, practically refuses to answer any questions about his recent breakup with longtime gal-pal Reese Witherspoon. He also dismisses any talk about a relationship with Taylor Swift and prefers to keep his interviews limited to making his movies.
Jake Gyllenhaal travels back in time in  Source Code
Jake Gyllenhaal travels back in time in 'Source Code'
What made you interested in portraying Captain Colter Stevens in Source Code?"I would have to say it was two things, the screenplay (by Ben Ripley), but mostly because of the director, Duncan Jones. Duncan made the most extraordinary movie with his debut film, Moon. I thought he and I would really work well together doing Source Code. And we did. Also, Duncan had this inherent trust in me, as an actor, and that felt good. I had weeks to work with someone as extraordinary as him, and it was like a godsend, you know. But I was also lucky to such a great character. He is someone I could look up to in participating in the Source Code program."
Do actors ever need any decompression time to get back to normal after doing love scenes or even something like the incredible action scenes in the Source Code?"Well, the making of any movie is always full of its own odd moments. When you do a serious scene where no one can't stop laughing or there is an intense moment and you are supposed to break tables and chairs, and can't get it right and you have to go and put everything back in -- that's what I love about making movies. So that's just the great fun and irony of movies -- that people are made to look like idiots! But who are extraordinary at their jobs? And you have like, these two actors in this movie, who are taking themselves way too seriously. I just wanted to give a great performance."
In Source Code, the Captain begins to have a feelings for a woman that he believe he can save during one of the eight minutes missions. When you are doing a movie, is there ever any jealously between yourself and your significant other when either of you have to do really intimate scenes in your movies? "Never. For us, it's art, and we’re artists, so we understand."
Jake Gyllenhaal & Michelle Monaghan travel back in time in  Source Code
Jake Gyllenhaal & Michelle Monaghan travel back in time in 'Source Code'
Do you consider yourself a fairly romantic guy? What makes a good romantic life?"I think romance coincides with effort, so you can fall flat on your face as long as you’re making great effort in romance. Effort always comes off as romantic. If you’re someone who doesn’t cook, you make a meal. You can do anything that has a bit of vulnerability about it."
What would you say is the most romantic gesture you've ever made?"Well, I’m a little bit of a workaholic, so there was a time when I was working hard in another country with just one day off. I flew back from that country to see someone for just an hour and then I flew back. I thought it was a really romantic gesture and I ended up with a whole bunch of frequent flier miles for my show of love."
Is it tougher doing love scenes, than it was doing an action sequence?"It depends on the film. For in instance, in Love and Other Drugs, there were a few times I felt a little uncomfortable, mainly during the shots when I wasn't wearing anything -- I mean, nothing. (laughs) But, most of time, I was wearing sweat pants. In that case, the action in Source Code was probably tougher than a than the scene I did with Anne."
Love and Other Drugs basically asks the question if two friends can be lovers without falling in love. Do you think it's possible?"Can friendship survive sex without feelings getting involved? I don’t know if that’s possible. I wouldn’t know? I haven’t been fortunate enough to try one of those relationships out. (laughs) You know, I really think that whomever you’re with as a partner does need to be your friend, too. All the really successful, happy relationships I know of feature two people who are together as friends, too. I don’t know if sex always has to have feelings, but friendship always does. If you’re friends you will have feelings of some sort."
Jake Gyllenhaal on the train back in time in  Source Code
Jake Gyllenhaal on the train back in time in 'Source Code'
One of your most recent films, Brothers, had a war theme to it, and as country we were still sending more men to die in Afghanistan. Did it affect your performance in the Source Code? How do you feel about the war, in general?"Well, do you want to talk about the movie, or do you want to talk about current politics? Because I hate hearing actors talk about politics! But if you want to hear me talk about politics, then we can have that discussion."
Yes, I'd like to know how you feel about both."Well, to be honest, because I haven't been, before this moment -- to be clear! I would like to say that I think there's a tendency for journalists to want to corner a movie like this into a certain...corner! And in this movie, it's hard to separate the soldier, from the life that soldier lives, you know? Like if you see a man in uniform, then the movie is about war, And the movie is about a man getting to get back to the things he loves, in my opinion. I've made movies about war. So I feel like I can say that. And I've answered many, many questions about that before, you know? And how do I feel about what's happening? I still have great faith in our president. And I believe that he'll make the right choices. Look, it's complicated. We are human beings. And soldiers are human beings. They have lives. And for me, I didn't approach it like that. Because I didn't play that part. I played a guy who's in jail at the beginning of the movie. And to me, that's an interesting aspect, politically. Which is actually a domestic issue. And I didn't know that much about it, until I did research for the movie. I went to jails all around California, and juvenile halls. And I got involved in a writing program, as a result of doing research for this movie, with these young juveniles who write. I have relationships with some of them, and some of them have actually gone on to serve life sentences in some cases, And all of them, strangely, regardless of what has happened to them and their fate, are incredible kids. And to me, that's also an important aspect of this movie. That here's this guy who comes out of jail after he holds up a bank. And then he ultimately turns his life around. To care for two children, and to love, you know? And so it is with the thing about war, is that it outshines everything else. But to meet these kids that were in this system, where it seems impossible to redeem themselves -- my life changed, making this movie, Because of that, because of meeting those kids."
Jake Gyllenhaal on a  Source Code  mission
Jake Gyllenhaal on a 'Source Code' mission
How did your time doing research in the prison system change your feelings, in terms of the research for the acting?"I mean, you make movies, and so much is about this process now. You know, selling a movie. Or making it look good for an audience, or whatever. And the special moments that happen in movies, are the lessons that every movie has. Like for everybody involved in it. And I went through a journey in the prison system. But look, I don't know how it can't change your life when you meet a kid, who the day before was sentenced to life. And whose girlfriend had to testify against him. So I don't know how you could be breathing, and not have something like that change your life. Like they get one hour outside a week, and they're fourteen years old. It's now changed to an hour a day, but it was an hour a week when I got there. That is not to say that they've done perfect things. But it is to say that it can't not change my life. And another kid with the LA Conservation Corps started telling us all these stories, And they were unreal. To me. Like hiding meth in the back of a lamp of a four wheel drive vehicle, driving over the border. And he was sixteen years old. And he told these stories like he was Homer. They were literally like tales. But he's changed his life. He's actually working now in the governor's office in Sacramento. So it's those things. It's like you look at a movie and go, yeah. It's a movie. But that's the stuff that I care about. So anyway. that's all!"
Did the CGI effects for the Source Code often keep you on the set for long periods of times?"Not at all. What really was exciting about doing the special effect scenes was that a lot of the times the day is set aside for you, alone or for just Vera. So, that would allow Duncan to shoot more than one scene. And, sometimes, I could shoot more than one scene than one. So, I have no complaints about the GCI."
Source Code Blu-Ray Bonus Features: "Access: Source Code" - Get the ultimate insider's look at Source Code, where you can activate a variety of dynamic "scene specific" features: listen to interviews with cast and crew, hear an expert's comments on time travel, go behind the science with animated documentary shorts on time travel, and enjoy trivia and facts as you watch the movie. Audio Commentary with Director Duncan Jones, Writer Ben Ripley and Actor Jake Gyllenhaal).
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