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YouTube Wasteland (Episode 2): Boom Goes the Dynamite

By Paul Magno     Aug 8, 2011 in Internet
With the internet tying the world together in an instant, four minutes of embarrassment can quickly become comedy for millions and millions. Such was the case of Brian Collins, the most unfortunate of all sportscasters.
Brian Collins was a freshman studying telecommunications at Ball State University in 2005, making a video at the campus station's television studio when an opportunity fell into his lap.
The regular sportscaster had gotten ill and the live college newscast needed a last minute replacement. Collins stepped up and answered the call, despite never having been live on air before.
Once his segment kicked off, it only took about 14 seconds for the whole thing to fall apart.
Already nervous, Collins soon had to deal with a teleprompter that was being moved along too fast. No longer able to trust in the words fed to him, the 19-year-old looked down at his notes which, to his dismay, were completely out of order.
The end result of this nightmare sportscast was a cringe-worthy, but hilarious four-minute video clip that went viral as soon as it hit YouTube.
The "Boom Goes the Dynamite" video, named after a phrase uttered by Collins in the clip, got so big that he soon found himself invited on The Late Show with David Letterman and CBS' The Early Show.
The video would become a pop culture phenomenon, being referenced on television shows, Family Guy and King of the Hill and used by Will Smith after he flubbed a name at the 81st Academy Awards.
Collins would go on to graduate and briefly work as a reporter at KXXV in Waco, Texas before being let go for budgetary reasons.
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