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article imageOp-Ed: A short story of one trip Special

By Joseph Boltrukiewicz     Aug 8, 2011 in Travel
Mission - Last long weekend (BC Day) and pretty stable weather prompted me to explore more area on the western side of Stave Lake. The goal was to get to Devils Lake and possibly further until the end of the trail at Florence and Morgan lakes.
The map showed a forest road past Stave Lake but remembering the bitter experience of the dead end at the boat launch at Stave three years ago, it was pretty reasonable to look for alternative 4x4 road.
After making certain that the end road at Stave wouldn't get me nowhere, I came back a bit to where I passed the fork split of the road I was on to try other forest road some 5 km back so I went there on it. After a short drive up, another gate stopped me. Well, middle of the day, good weather and failed plans?
Fire station in Mission  BC  close to Stave Lake.
Fire station in Mission, BC, close to Stave Lake.
I decided to go to Mission and see something else that was marked on the map as the Cascade Falls, a place that I reached a bit later while exploring the neighbourhood of Hatzic Lake in Mission from Neilson Regional Park. Before I saw the falls, I shortly went for a ride at Shook road on a natural peninsula that goes sharply into Hatzic Lake along with peaceful and quiet residential areas, something like a nice image from between rural and village character, with one and long road in the middle of the peninsula with large properties, some of them looking like well prospering farms.
Abandoned country hutch in northern part of Mission  BC.
Abandoned country hutch in northern part of Mission, BC.
From there, reaching the Cascade Falls was within 10 minutes' drive. The place of the falls was not really spectacular but gave me a break for dinner on a picnic table by the Cascade Creek.
Hatzic Lake (east of Mission) panorama  a composite of six vertical shots stitched in Photoshop.
Hatzic Lake (east of Mission) panorama, a composite of six vertical shots stitched in Photoshop.
Then I spotted this interesting road going straight up north, very close by and decided to go there. It was getting pretty late and I had no place to stay overnight but anyway decided to meet the unknown. What I wanted then was to get to Salsbury Lake, pretty big lake which was next to very well marked forest service road. The sun went well down behind the mountains when I accidentally spotted larger body of water on my left side, some 50 metres far down. Intuitively sensing that it was my destination, I had to go back some 2 km and stopped my camper at a small parking lot somewhere in the middle of nowhere. There was one vehicle on that lot so I parked my camper next to it.
Target shooting area and what s left over by the gun owners.
Target shooting area and what's left over by the gun owners.
A short walk through the muddy part of the thick forest took me to a lake I thought I was looking for. There were no signs of where to go, no names of place, only the arrows informing of the direction of the forest service road. I spotted a man fishing from his boat and quickly asked him if I finally got to the right place and he confirmed.
Salsbury Lake after sunset.
Salsbury Lake after sunset.
I looked at the navy blue sky with no trace of a sunny day that already passed. I checked the surroundings of the lake. I took a very fresh breath of the new place with water, fresh air and incoming night. Soon the man from the boat came to the shore bringing his two small fish he caught. We had a short chat on the parking after I gave him a hand with his fishing rod while he was pulling his rubber boat through muddy area close to the lake. He confirmed that the place was very safe all the time in the past years he visited this very spot when coming to fish. I was ready to go to sleep and relax. My camper was safe and the lake looked spectacular - mysterious and intriguing. I was happy to come there and slept very well all night. It was pitch black in the middle of nowhere.
Salsbury Lake in the morning.
Salsbury Lake in the morning.
The day after I got up to check the lake in the daylight. There was another surprise of it - colourful, beautiful and peaceful. I spent there the whole day. Some time at 2 PM the same man I met previous night came back fishing again. He said that he knew the lake very well and it has a breading spot for a special kind of salmon, Kokanee salmon that doesn't migrate.
Did anybody hear about salmon that doesn't migrate?
Blue jay on his territory I entered into.
Blue jay on his territory I entered into.
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