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article imageOp-Ed: Obama’s debt crisis — Selling out a nation

By Lynn Herrmann     Aug 6, 2011 in Politics
Washington - For the first time in its history, the US began the weekend with news its credit rating had been downgraded, less than a week after President Barack Obama agreed with Republicans to kick the so-called debt crisis down the road just a bit.
Once again, the president sided with Republicans, giving them more than they could have possibly imagined. This time, however, he dressed up the table with Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid. Food for thought. And the real crisis closes in.
We could start with the budget surplus of 2000, but that would be so yesterday, so long before rising gasoline prices, a housing bubble (anyone remember Ken Lay?), and all the other orchestrated drama, but let’s focus on our presidential failure.
Long forgotten is Obama’s health care reform. Scratch that. Let’s call a black pot a black pot: it was health insurance industry reform. Alongside such disgusting reform we now get Medicare reform, thanks to the president’s desire to be, and do, all things Republican.
Forget tax cuts for the wealthy, including individuals and corporations. As House Speaker John Boehner gleefully gloated this week, he and his minions got 98 percent of what they wanted. America held hostage. Ransom paid. Simply. Astounding.
Hope. And change.
But don’t forget. On the buffet table barackstar laid out for his opponents is also Social Security. And probably Medicaid. What a swell guy. He still believes, by caving in to Republican demands, they will let him win the next election.
What’s that? You’re not 55 yet? Too bad. Eric Cantor, Boehner's sidekick in this great American swindle, said you’ve got time to figure out how to make it. By the way, Cantor also noted entitlement promises “are not going to be kept for many.” What another swell guy. Seems Washington’s full of this sort of swellness.
The reason Medicare is such an easy reform target becomes clear when one casts an occasional glance toward the world’s financial schemes, mainly, the stock markets. How can the country possibly afford such “entitlement” (such a name) programs such as Medicare when white collar criminals over on Wall Street, along with their cohorts at every major financial institution in the country, and elsewhere, are busy screwing those middle class fools, and upper middle class dreamers, out of every penny they sink into the ploy, with the opening and closing results announced daily on all news networks, in all mediums.
Yes, it was all about the debt crisis. Let’s get this matter resolved so we can have our August vacation. Forget unemployment. A stagnant housing market. Near record food stamp recipients. Wars, and more wars, all escalating.
With a bit of time spent studying the racing program, and a few minutes in the paddock area studying the eyes of horses, you’re likely to walk away in a better financial situation than you are by handing your money over to America’s financial thugs, no doubt one of the sorriest forms of humanity known to modern man. The two minutes, or less, of action is certainly far more entertaining. Imagine, all those bankers lying side by side on the track as the thundering of hooves pound their sorry-ass skulls into the dirt. Oh, the pleasure.
But that’s un-christian-like thinking, which leads us to the next topic. A national day of prayer. And fasting. So much for the food courts at Houston’s Reliant Stadium. It’s not enough that the great state of Texas would offer us rattlesnakes, wildfires, droughts, scorpions, some of the nation’s most polluted air, a rampant good-’ol-boy system as thick as the Pentagon budget, and the enlightenment of George W. Bush.
Now, as the country free-falls over a cliff the “decider” brought us to, we are faced with the distinct possibility of having the state’s governor, Rick Goodhair Perry, walk away with the next general election, provided he doesn’t proclaim his decision to run while preaching at his day of prayer. All in the name of god and race. It’s just what the country needs: another Texan who thinks he has been “called.”
Such is the American mentality. Combined with Diebold voting machines, the working class (many of that group being the very fools who did vote for Bush - twice - and who will vote for Perry), simply, has no chance.
Thanks to America’s current state of the Democratic Party, one of the sorriest examples of checks and balances ever, led by one of the greatest presidential disappointments (don’t take my word for it, he keeps proving it over and over, as Standard & Poor’s has noticed) in the history of the country, ever, Repulsicans just completed one of the all-time great hijacks in the country. This one, however, is serious. It’s the future of a nation.
Got kids? Grandkids? Whatcha gonna tell ‘em? How will you explain, when they’re old enough to understand? It’s like living that long-ago nightmare, where the panther is stalking you, pursuing, closing, in the dark of night. You try running, but your feet can’t move. You slip and fall, never gaining traction. Then you wake up to a cold sweat.
What you had is taken away. What you worked for is gone. What you were is no more.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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