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article imageOp-Ed: Anders Breivik – A man for all reasons

By Alexander Baron     Aug 5, 2011 in Politics
The people of Norway had barely started to grieve in the wake of the recent horrendous events in Oslo and the island of Utoya when the gutter press and sundry hatemongers began exploiting these horrors for their own ends.
Yesterday’s Sun newspaper reported that 22 year old Chris Hurst, who was described as the London Regional Secretary of the British National Party, had cried "Sieg heil" and given – shock, horror - a Nazi salute at a Saga gig in Hungary.
In a reference to Utoya, he is also said to have claimed "It's good to fight back - but not by killing young white people”.
It remains to be seen if Mr Hurst actually said any such thing, but he is unlikely to sue for libel, the law of defamation being open to rich and poor alike, as is the Ritz. The Sun newspaper is also owned by the same gang as the News Of The World (RIP), the newspaper at the centre of the ongoing phone hacking scandal which we were told initially was down to one rogue reporter and then led to the resignation of among others Rebekah Brooks of News International and the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. In other words, take anything the Sun says with a grain of salt, or maybe a boulder.
For those not au fait with the White ethnic music scene (or whatever you want to call it), Saga is not a band but a singer-songwriter; whatever her politics, she is enormously talented. She was also quick to distance herself from the sort of nonsense that appeared in the Sun, stating in no uncertain terms:
“It has come to my attention that my music has been cited, along with a number of other people and groups, as going some way to inspiring one of the most vile and criminal acts in recent history...Change is brought about through political and cultural means by like-minds working together for a greater cause not brought about by warped loners acting out their murderous intentions. I have never sought to encourage or promote violence and I never shall.”
That’s clear enough, isn’t it? She concluded by referring to the actions in Oslo and Utoya as “this hideous and utterly pointless atrocity.”
Unsurprisingly, the Searchlight gang have continued to attempt to exploit this tragedy by pointing the finger at the hated white nationalists of these islands, but a surprising story appeared in the Jerusalem Post shortly after the massacre. According to Ben Hartman, ‘Norway attack suspect had anti-Muslim, pro-Israel views'.
For those who wish to scrutinise Breivik’s “Manifesto”, it is still floating around in cyber-space. It has now been fairly well established by the Norwegian police – who are to be trusted more than Searchlight – that like Lee Harvey Oswald, Breivik is a lone nut. It appears too that like Oswald he doesn’t really understand politics, or has a very skewed view of world affairs, and some bizarre ideas about how to change them. To say the least, it is doubtful if the best way to save Scandinavia from the Islamic menace is by murdering so many of the next generation. It is also worth bearing in mind that however terrible these events in Norway, the real threat to Moslems is coming at the moment from their own leaders; the death toll from the Arab Spring is still mounting, and East Africa is facing a crisis of unimaginable proportions, a combination of drought and stark inhumanity.
Smearing people with guilt by association because they prefer a particular type of music may sell newspapers, but it does not address the very real problems Norway, East Africa and the rest of the world face.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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