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article imageVideo: Major brawl at Russian oceanarium

By Kev Hedges     Aug 3, 2011 in Crime
A major brawl has been caught on video at an oceanarium in Russia between security staff and spectators. The disturbing scenes took place in front of elderly couples, women and young children.
The disturbance happened after a member of the public appeared to have decided to take a plunge in the dolphin pool. The man in the white t-shirt, seemingly worse for wear, was summoned out of the pool by a staff member. He appeared to calmly get out out the pool and returned to his seat in the front row of the small oceanarium stalls. Staff had summoned a number of security personnel (wearing black t-shirts) to evict the member of public who had earlier jumped into the pool.
At first it appears the offending swimmer did not want to leave the oceanarium and at this stage one of the security personnel began to lash out at the member of public sparking a mass brawl involving the swimmer, his friend and another member of the public who appeared to take umbrage with the heavy-handed nature of the security team.
Several blows were traded as security staff slipped on the poolside's wet floor and tumbled repeatedly into the pool. All the while a man and his girlfriend had filmed the scenes from the safety of the opposite side of the pool. Now Public reports, the fight had lasted a fully five minutes and had forced other spectators to leave their seats rather than witness the dreadful scenes.
One commenter on Live Leak, Moving4Motion said: "The alcoholism situation in that country is out of control. I know we drink way too much in the UK too but in Russia it's a whole different level."
Most of the numerous forum contributions appear to highlight the aesthetically pleasing nature of the cameraman's friend. However, one user on Spiked Nation, bdof, summed up aptly by adding: "...and the dolphin just thought, 'these stupid humans'."
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