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article imageOp-Ed: Amy Winehouse and the price of fame

By Gibril Koroma     Aug 3, 2011 in Entertainment
London - As so many commentators have stated over the last couple of days,the death of Amy Winehouse, the young British musical genius, a few days ago was never unexpected.
What was perhaps unexpected was she apparently died alone in her London apartment, alone, lonely and unattended, with not a soul in sight inspite of her being a world artiste with millions of fans in the UK and the rest of the world. That was perhaps what was most tragic of all, having millions of friends and yet dying alone. I am sure a lot of tears have been shed on that fact alone.
Amy's death was not unexpected because the signs of her gradual and relentless degradation and final goodbye were there for all who eyes to see: the grim changes in her physical appearance, from a buxom, vivacious and attractive young woman to a frail and sickly looking apparition, the drug-addled and tragic stage performances of her last days (the Belgrade booing come to mind), the slurring voice and tobacco-stained teeth, and worst of all, the disastrous love life from which she never recovered. And, etc, etc, etc.
Her loving parents and numerous friends did what they could but they could not stop Amy's fast-moving train of destruction. Only she herself could have stopped it. Some people say her grandmother, the only person that apparently understood her, could have stopped that train but she unfortunately preceded her into the land of no return.
Fame and financial success can demand a very high price, a price that is sometimes not measured in silver and gold. That price is the highest price of all: death. Amy, like Jimi Hendrix, Curt Cobain and many others before her, has paid that price. Many more will have to pay. The more talented you are, it seems to me, the heavier the price.
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