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article imageWill Chuck Lorre Kill Charlie Sheen, err, Harper?

By Steffan Ileman     Aug 2, 2011 in Entertainment
Los Angeles - Rumour has it that Chuck Lorre, the producer of Two And A Half Men, will kill Charlie Harper in the sitcom’s new season. An unlikely historic take on the Charlie Sheen affair. Test your HQ (Humour Quotient) with a new perspective on history.
According to a leak floating around Hollywood, Chuck Lorre has decided to kill the series’ lead character Charlie Harper to pave the way for an Ashton Kutcher takeover. The first episode will start with a memorial service in honour of Charlie. The Malibu beachfront house will be put up for sale and snapped by Ashton Kutcher, the new bad boy, who will take a liking to Alan and Jake and will let them stay, although most of the audience seems to agree that the grown-up Jake isn’t so cute any more.
Plausible? Well, with all the Bourbon he consumed Charlie’s liver could have quit any time. It was a miracle that his promiscuity didn’t get him syphilis or AIDS. Yes, he paid for it when he couldn’t get it free. He could’ve been murdered by one of the hearts he broke, was there a vindictive hot-blooded Latino among his exploits? Or, his heart could simply have stopped with the combination of booze and Viagra. Yes, he lately needed help from Pfizer to maintain his reputation as a breeder bull that had no intention to reproduce.
The audience is divided over whether the younger Ashton Kutcher of "Hey Dude, Where's My Car" fame is a shoe-in for the self-righteous wickedness of Charlie Sheen’s character that compelled so much laughter. What about Charlie’s girlfriends who are somewhat too mature for the Dude Guy? Well, if Kutcher’s real life is any indication, the "Black Hawk Down" hero goes for older women. He landed his chopper on Demi Moore. He’ll probably get a hold of Charlie’s phone book and make a move on the boobilicious. Charlie also had mommy issues.
Charlie Sheen was fired from his job as the sitcom’s Charlie Harper after he publicly made highly offensive remarks about his boss and producer, Chuck Lorre. Chuck Lorre has produced some of TV’s most successful comedies such as “Dharma and Gregg” and the currently running “Mike and Molly”. Lorre is generally well-liked by his colleagues and actors he works with. He publishes a vanity card at the end of each of his productions, which outlines his personal experiences, opinions and philosophy.
Here’s the possible take of another wicked historic character on Lorre’s predicament with Sheen, in a parallel reality...Watch this new perspective on history, and see if you are Two And A Half Men material.
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